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  1. Dont jugde and u wont be judged as i remember so the holy book of christians says, so u not the one to jugdeme youngenss!Forgiveness is weakness, cause the person neednt to forgive soemone, cause u just decsrbibed Makiavelis "Prince" !Undestaood what i mean?????:devil:
    Forgiveness is strength precisely because a person needn't forgive!Is it strong when we do things we need to or have to do? No! Strength is being able to do things that are difficult! How can you let go of the hurt someone has caused you? It's very difficult, right? That's why forgiveness requires strength.Forgiveness is a sign of true inner strength. When we forgive we understand that we don't need our anger and hatred to protect ourselves. We don't need the pain as a crutch anymore. Forgiveness doesn't depend upon who hurt us, what they did, or whether or not they are sorry for their actions. We don't forgive out of our weakness toward the perpetrator, but out of our own internal strength.As for describing Machiavelli's "Prince"...I think you need to read it again and also do some historical research.Machiavelli's prime motive in writing The Prince was to encourage Lorenzo the Magnificent to unite Italy. The modern usage of the term "Machiavellian" denotes ruthless opportunism and manipulative techniques. And, in fact, as a practical guide for leadership, the author's proffered advice lacks any semblance of morality. His paradigm of princehood was Prince Cesare Borgia. Praising Borgia's killing and despoiling of as many lords and lands "as he could lay hands on," Machiavelli cites this Prince as an almost perfect archetype of bold rule: "I can find nothing with which to reproach him... " The influence of The Prince has been felt deeply, even in the twentieth century, as evidenced by the actions of such men as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin. None of these men possessed any of the qualities that I listed above. Machiavelli's prince is not mature, secure, strong, courageous, graceful, kind, or loving.

  2. Hey man, no instruction just ideas, what u and Nikolay sayin, is reaaaaly good 4 u 2 but for me. And forgivness is the first symbol of weakness,Find yourself, i think u r too young to be sp realigious!Best regards, :devil:
    Forgiveness is the first sign of weakness?!?!Forgiveness is a sign of maturity, security, confidence, assuredness, strength, courage, grace, kindess, and love! Those who lack the ability to forgive are usually hateful, vengeful, weak, selfish, cowardly, insecure, and immature.I think you're too young to have gained any wisdom. You just don't know any better.

  3. I don't know about what exactly it means to be russian or armenian. And I'm not about to judge what it means to be good or bad/damaged. But can say this...I know people. And people are like chamaeleon's. They change to blend in with their environment...I know some people at school that act different even within different social groups in our dorm! So do you expect anything different when someone moves to another country and culture?An armenian from Yerevan that moves to Moscow, if they can't find other armenians to socialize with, will become russian. Not completely russian. They will retain some of the armenian identity but how much they retain depends on the person. But they all change.Take a class on social psychology if you ever get a chance. It's very interesting.

  4. This fight will completely depend on Lennox Lewis. Lewis is stronger, faster, more skilled...he's just better! But Lewis doesn't always have the right mental mindset. Sometimes he comes to the fight unprepared mentally.If Lewis doesn't get overconfident or complacent or lazy, Klitchko is a dead man.

  5. You like jazz?  What jazz do some of you listen to?Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Joe "King" Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock?If anyone says Kenny G, I'll be administering a knuckle sandwich!!!

  6. anyways sorry .. and by the way i am from MI  :bigsmile: hey whats ur major ?
    Michigan, another mid-westerner!!  :) My major?  The most popular major of all...UNDECLARED, BABY!!!  YEAH!!! :laugh: I'm going to be a street bum when I grow up!  :)I'm making this thread go way off topic now...so lets remedy that:  So love at first site very rare and a product of pure luck...and to agree with socalgal, physical beauty worthless!!There...all fixed... :)

  7. IGotWood are u sure i dont know u .. (or the other way) man u sound too familiar   :o  :sarcasm:
    too familiar?  should i be flattered or offended?  seems like should be offended!! :laugh:did you say you lived in the states?  where have you lived? i was born in jersey and lived there until i was...12? 13?  then we moved to chicago.  right now i'm in evanston for school.  you near me?do you go to northwestern?!?!  how funky would it be if you're like someone i pass by all the time on campus at Norris uni-center or something!!!  :oOr wait...it just occurred to me...do you ever visit thesite.org?  I may have been influenced by this article: http://www.thesite.org/magazin....ne.htmlI read a similar article in a old Time magazine...so I could have accidently plagarized some Time magazine writers words...but if I did, I did not intend to!

  8. i don't know if it exists...but i really hope it doesn't exist...the whole idea of love at first sight seems like it puts such a high emphasis on physical beauty...and that really turns me off...
    And you know what's funny about beauty?  You know the people and things that you find beautiful?  YOU DIDN'T DECIDE THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  To a large degree, society and popular culture has taught you what is beautiful!For whatever reason, modern western society has decided that the characteristics posessed by people like George Clooney and Julia Roberts are to be considered beautiful.  But in other cultures in other places or bygone eras, they wouldn't be so beautiful!!!When I was younger, I used to try to date all the "pretty" girls...I'd go out with the prettiest girl in my highschool class or whatever.  But you get to know some of these people, and they get ugly real quick!!!  So many of them are just not good people.Nowadays, I've found that my perception of beauty has changed greatly.  I see the physical beauty of girls less and less.  The last girl that I was really attracted to, initially, I had no physical attraction towards her.  She was in a class of mine, and I never noticed her or payed attention to her.  But by chance, I got to know her a bit...and gradually, by getting to know this person on a emotional, intellectual, and personal level, I found that I also began to grow physically attracted to her when before I was not.  Sadly, I learned she was seeing someone. :(But still...I love that!  I love it when physical attraction is manifested out of non-physical characteristics!!

  9. In my experience, most people, even those that appear to be responsive to advice and guidance, usually will not follow that advice/guidance.Human's just aren't that bright.  In fact, I'm pretty convinced that we might be the stupidest organisms on that planet.  With most people, the only way they learn is to ROYALLY SCREW UP!  Certain individuals have to screw up multiple times before they learn.  And some people never learn...It's like the child...you tell him, "don't touch the stove, it's hot!" And what does the child do?  He touches the stove...gets burned...and never touches a hot stove again.  Same with everything...you can tell someone that they are about to do something stupid or tell someone they're leading their life astray, but they won't listen...they have to mess up...and hopefully learn.That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to steer people in the right direction.  Your words can leave an impact that might catalyse the learning process...so that maybe the person won't mess up as badly or as much as he/she otherwise would have.I don't know...I have no idea what I'm talking about...[Hey, does my post even slightly pertain to what this thread is about?  It takes me years to translate these threads, and I'm pretty certain that I'm mangling everything! :laugh: Man, I wish I hadn't found this message board...because of the language barrier, everytime I come to this board, I'm online for a minimum of an hour!  I swear, I used to not be such a loser!! :( ]

  10. but now it seems like u r trying to prove to us that all our truditions suck .. and i kinda dont like that AT ALL
    Not at all!  No no no!!!  The whole time, I've just been trying to figure armenians out!  I'm trying to make sense out of that published report versus what I've heard armenians say.  What's the truth?  The publication or the hearsay?  In trying to figure that out, by posting here, I percieved what I thought to be a conflict between possible cultural and religious values.  Now I'm trying to make sense of that.  By no means am I attacking anyone or any race!!!! :o
    why would we want them to stay "pure" they are men and as all men they want to have sex
    Why would you make such broad generalization about men?  Women aren't that different from men.  Some men crave sex, just as some women crave sex.  Some men have more self control, just as some women have more self control.  Maybe you've been around the wrong type of guys...or your opinion of men has been shaped largely by how popular culture depicts men.And I ask again...why are armenian women so willing to let guys have their way, when guys expect so much more of women?  I still don't get it...
    first of all i will never be able and will not love two guys equally...
    Of course not...that's why I said it was a hypothetical situation! :)
    its not about marrying Armenian guy and its of course not about marrying a good christian .. how do u know may be i am not dedicated chrisitan too ..
    This is completely my fault!!  I did not mean to make such a blanket assumption!!  I assumed that armenians considered themselves good christians and identified with christianity!!  Obviously I was wrong!!! :blush: Um...since you're not christian...you can just ignore my whole post!  Sorry...again, I shouldn't have assumed all armenians identified with christianity... :blush:
    to me verginity is about RESPECT .. if a girl does not respect herself than thats her choice .. but to me verginity is being "clean" and that all is about (but i am talking about myself only now)
    Again, sorry.  I was putting this in the context of christians...to christians virginity is about obeying the Lord.But even in your non-religious context, if it is about respect and being clean...wouldn't a girl want a clean guy who respects himself?Whew!!!  Am I making enemies here or what? :laugh: Man o man...guys, girls, christians, non-christians, cats, dogs...they all hate me!  Oh well! :blush:But I just learned something...armenian does not equal christian!! :)Er wait, but Webmasters post seems to indicate that you cannot separate armenians from religion...Nevermind, I've learned nothing... :(

  11. IgotWood our culture, traditions, morals etc. are the reflections of our religion. So it is a bit wrong to devide our culture and religion into two different categories.
    I respectfully disagree...There clearly seems to be a conflict between armenian national culture and armenia's dominant religion (christianity) in at least one aspect of life...sex.If there were no conflict, then the armenian men surveyed in that study would not have overwhelmingly thought it was ok for men to have premarital sex.

  12. IgotWood, I am a Christian and as a Christian I believe the law should be applied to the both females and males. Also, faithfullness of the women is not the only reason why men should marry virgins. Armenians use the word clean (makur) in reference to the word virginity. So girl should be clean, which means not just a physical condition but also a spiritual one. Woman after she marries becomes a mother, and as a mother she should be pure in the eyes of the children and her husband.
    Bless you soul!  I think this is like the first post on these forums that I completely understand!Well, almost...I still think a non-virgin girl can be spiritually clean and shouldn't necessarily be valued less than a virgin girl.  If Jesus can forgive prostitutes and adulterers...if prostitutes and adulters are good enough for the kingdom of heaven...then they must be good enough for me.Well...I mean, if the girl was a devout christian and a virgin, great.  But given  the choice between a less than devout girl who somehow happened to be a virgin and a devout christian that made a mistake in the past....I'd choose the devout christian.

  13. does it matter if its cultural or religious ? at least it doesnt for me ...
    I believe it matters...What do you value more?  Your culture or your religion?It'd be great if they were one and the same, but in most cases they are not.  The publication that I posted is a prime example of this point...again, if that survey is right, then Armenian men think it's ok for males to sleep around but not ok for girls to sleep around.This is the cultural attitude...cultural value...The bible, and christians, believe neither men nor women should engage in premarital sex.  This is a religious value...You have indicated that you don't care if males sleep around before marriage.  So you have chosen to embrace Armenian cultural values.  Not christian religious values.Webmaster believes both males and females should be celibate.  He has chosen to embrace christian religious values.Not sure which you embrace more?  Here's the test:Hypothetical scenario...two men have proposed to you.  You love them both equally, and you know they both love you.  Guy 'A' is an armenian but he is not very dedicated christian.  Guy 'B' is not armenian but is a devout christian.  Who do you choose?If I put myself in the scenario, I'd choose the christian girl, without hesitation!  There's no contest between culture and religion in my mind.

  14. oops!,So this whole virginity thing with Armeians...you're telling me it's purely cultural, not religions...is that right?In either case, Webmaster seems to indicate that one of the reasons that girls should remain virigins until marriage is because if they aren't virgins before marriage, then it may be difficult for them to be faithful to their husband.Don't Armenian girls have the same fears about men?  If the guy you're marrying was a...(how shall we say?)...male gigolo, then don't you think there's a pretty good chance he won't stay faithful?Afterall, historically, regardless of culture or religion, it's the male that has problems being faithful.I'm having trouble understanding this double standard...

  15. Webmaster,Well, since none of the girls are replying...I'm curious as to your own view..You obviously believe a girl should remain a virgin until marriage...and you seem to believe that men should value these women more highly.But how about men?  Do you believe that men should remain abstinent until marriage?  Should women value a "pure" man more highly than an "experienced" man?Is this all about culture or religion?  If it is religion, then it's pretty clear that the only moral and acceptable conduct would be for both men and women to stay celibate until marriage...But maybe it's cultural because according to that study, men seem to think it's ok for males to be promiscuous...That's pretty hypocritical and backwards from my point of view...What say you? [Or anyone else, for that matter!]

  16. u r not telling me that they were Armenians .. although if u r than i am going to laugh hard ... (but that would be tomorrow caz now iam going to get ready for tomorrows exam and have a bit of sleep .. wish me luck plz).. bye.. :bigsmile:  :blush:
    Ok...one guys asian...but he's american!  He was born and raised here!  But the other guys causian!  Honest!  I guess there's a chance that they could have just lied to me...but I have no reason to doubt them.Oh, good luck on your exam!  Wait...you have an exam on a Saturday?!?!  Wow...Question for the armenian girls here:  If Axchi and the publication is right, and armenian guys are all getting what the need...are the virgin armenian girls bothered at all by this double standard?  Would the virgin armenian girls prefer that the guy be celibate...or do you not really care?

  17. Axchi,Let me ask you this as well...you say i met the "wrong armenians"...at this point in time, do you think there are more "wrong armenians" than "right armenians"???Also, that generalization about men, I take slight offense to...I've known a couple guys that were virgins until marriage.  I'm not saying these guys are common...but they exist. :)

  18. now let me tell u a little smhtn... i am sure no i positive .. 100000% that your data is right... which is ok caz u r american and its hard for u to understand that a girl can not to have sex before her marrige...
    Ok, help me understand then...If the data is right, then most armenian girls are probably having sex before marriage.  And you say the data is 100000% correct.But then you say armenian girls cannot have sex before marriage and you seem to insinuate that they are not having sex before marriage.So which is it?  Are they or are they not?BTW, I have no reason to doubt you! If you say you're a virgin, then you're a virgin! :)

  19. Ok, lets try this again!  :) This will be a tiny bit different than my deleted post.  I did not read the whole thread when I posted the first time but I've had a chance to look at the other posts.  So here goes...First off, I guess I'm a bit surprised that some people are offended and/or unwilling to talk about sex.  In the US it is considered healthy to talk about sex, even at a relatively young age.  The idea is to make sure that everyone has all the information they need about sex...to make sure that everyone understands the type of emotional and physical impact that having sex might incur...and to make sure that those who choose to have sex understand how to safely do so.  Hopefully, an informed populace makes wiser decisions.  Though I must admit that there is a little bit of controversy in the US about whether sex education, especially for younger teens, is really a good idea...some people believe that sex education might actually be causing teens to lose their virginity at earlier and earlier ages...while others argue that these teens would be having sex anyways, so perhaps through education some of them will wait to have sex, and the others will at least practice safer sex.  Personally, I believe sex education and open dialogues regarding sex is a good thing.Ok, now on to other things.  There are those of you that seem to believe that many (even most) armenian girls are virgins at the time of marriage.  This, sadly, is probably not the case.  Look at these figures and tell me what's wrong:-90% of armenian men say that women should remain a virgin until marriage-82% of armenian men say that it is ok for a man to have sex before marriage-52% of armenian men say they experienced their first sexual intercourse during their adolescence-the aveage of of first sexual intercourse among armenian men was 19 years oldThese are statistics gathered in 1998 by the "Family Planning Association of Armenia"... http://members.tripod.com/armfpa/rh/ch1_3.htmCan someone tell me why it would be illogical to believe that most armenian girls are virgins at the time of marriage?  Well, if 82% of men think it's ok to have premarital sex...wouldn't you guess that most of them have had premarital sex?  Who are they having sex with?  The town ###### or prostitute?  Eachother?  More likely, they're having sex with normal armenian girls.  So if you had to guess, what percentage of armenian girls would you say have had sex before marrage?  I'd guess close to 82%! :oAnd that's for armenian girls that still live within the ultra-conservative borders of Armenia!  For girls outside of armenia, such as armenian girls in Russian or the USA?  Well, heck...there's probably no hope for them...they probably become just as promiscuous as those around them.  Just human nature...environmental social factors usually end up dictating behavior.Lets face it folks, this is the 21st century...promiscuity has infected the entire world...from Europe, to Russia, to Asia, to the USA...and even Armenia.  Media outlets (print, visual, radio, internet) make sure that we've been exposed to sex by the time we've left our mothers wombs.  Innocence is lost by the age of 7 and virginity is lost by the age of 13.  Divorced by the age of 24.  And dead by the age of 50 because of some disease.  People are living faster and faster lives.I hope I'm wrong.  If I were to learn that those statistics and the publication were falsified data, I'd be ecstatic!  But I fear that the publication is valid...and that I am right... :(Now let me move on a bit...Some of the men around here sound like perhaps they devalue women who are not virgins.  Why is that?  Don't we all make mistakes?  Haven't you ever made a mistake?  We all lose ourselves at some point in our lives...like the time we hit someone, or the time we stole something, or the time we lied to our parents, or the time we did drugs, or the period in our lives when we were an alcoholic...or the time we had sex.  Does that make someone a lesser human?  I don't think so.Let me tell you something...there's a difference between a mistake and a lifestyle.  So what...so the girl had sex before.  She regrets it...she lost herself in the moment...she's resolved to make sure it won't happen again.  She made a mistake and she's learned.  She is still a good and moral person.  She is lesser to no one!  But what about the other girl?  The girl that had sex with that one guy...and had sex again...and again...and again.  Then she stopped seeing that guy, started seeing another guy...and had sex with him...again...and again...and again.  This is her lifestyle.  She obviously does not consider her actions wrong...they are not a mistake to her...she has no regrets...she lives by a different standard of morals than the other girl.Good, moral people make mistakes.  Others do not know they have made a mistake.  At least that's what I think...Now having said all that, I don't want anyone to think that I am some sort of promiscuous american.  I'm going to choose not to recount the details of my personal life as I did in my first post but I assure you, I am VERY conservative and very serious when it comes to sexual abstinence.  I believe everyone should remain celibate until marriage.  I am a very devout christian who strives every day to live by the teachings of the bible.  But I realize I am not perfect...and I do not expect to marry somone who is perfect. I only expect that she hold the same moral and religious beliefs as myself...that she tries to live by those beliefs...and that she loves me for some unknown, underserved reason. :inlove: One final note...and it's for the guys out there...if you honestly feel that you can only marry a virgin, stay a virgin yourself. Otherwise, it's just all so hypocritic.  I hate hypocrites!Whew!  I think I'm done!

  20. Господа кто убрал сообщение IGotwooda из этой темы?
    Yeah...seriously, where'd my post go?  I didn't think I was violating any terms of service agreement for this board...was I?  Was the post THAT offensive to someone?  I thought it was pretty objective...nothing slanderous...Hmm... :(

  21. Love =  :blush: ------>  :) ------->  :inlove: ------->  :hehe: ------->   :sarcasm: -------->  :notify: ------->  :confused: -------->  :( --------> :blush: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
    yup...that's about par...  :( Does your heart ache when he is sad?  Are you attracted to others, but stay with him faithfully without regret?  Do you accept his faults because they're a part of who he is?  Can he make you laugh and smile even when you're down?  Does he inspire you to be better than who you are?Then maybe it's love....Love is the attachment that results from deeply appreciating another's goodness....maybe...Actually, I think love is a choice...I don't think love is just chance...I think two people can mutually make love blossom.I think love is hard work, but the rewards are worth it...Or maybe love is just inexplicable...