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Классный сериал. Я смотрел его по НТВ. Особенно понравился актёр Гандольфини, который играл Тони Сонпрано(особенно понравились моменты, когда Сопрано приходил к своему психологу:). А дядя Тони Сопрано вообще классно сыграл. И вообще фильм просто супер.

Вообще фильм в реальности отображает ситуацию в Америке. Я имею ввиду борьбу мафий и т.п. Например в Нью Йорке итальянцы держат "мусорный" бизнес (в "Клан`е Сопрано" они как бы тоже этим занимались).

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Да уж Сопранос, rulezzz, любимое show на HBO, акtёры натурально играют, без фальши, да и сюжет без понтов, и реалистично.

А Гандольфини, молодчик, вовше не проф. актер, а как играеет.

Кстати, Поули, капитан, Тони, в молодости был типа ганстера.

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One of my favorite shows ever. Have you seen the episode Pine Barrens when they try to kill the Russian guy?

Quote from the episode: "Valery told Tony that the Russian was a commando that fought in Chechnya, some kind of Green Beret from the Interior Ministry"

Chrissy responds in disbelief: "Hey the Russian was an interior designer that fought in Czechoslovakia. His house looked like shit" :D

It's disturbing how they are similar to our rabiz people :D

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I was shoked when the family let the Andiana go,she loved Chris so much, always wanted get him out of drugs...... but i guess there are some certain rules, ... you don't break  (i mean, start workin for federal gov)

She deserved it!!!

I mean how hard would it be to sit in jail for a year or two on possession charges for your husband to be and la familia?

Instead she chose another path which led to her demise.

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still man, that was brutal thing to do to poor gal, and that hit man Sil, he may know you for years and one day he can just put bullet in your head so coolly

i think it just proves ones again that there is nothing romantic in all those mabs, mafias...etc

thats why i like the show its reallistic

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