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Азербайджанские спецслужбы

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Armenian special services arrested an Azerbaijani spy-09.02.05

Yerevan, February 9. /Mediamax/. The employees of Armenian National Security Service (NSS) arrested an Armenian citizen, who was engaged in espionage for Azerbaijan, in Yerevan in early February.

The arrested was charged with high treason by espionage, Mediamax was told in the Armenian NSS press service.

For the interests of the investigation the Armenian NSS refused giving the name of the arrested. -0--

And possibly related:


STEPANAKERT, MAY 12, NOYAN TAPAN. On April 25 2005, as a

result of efficient actions carried out by the NKR National

Security Service jointly with the Police, an NKR citizen, who

periodically provided information representing a state secret to

Azerbaijan's respective services, was arrested. Noyan Tapan was

informed about this from the NKR National Security Service.

A criminal case was instituted in relation to this citizen

on suspicion of espionage, on Article 299 of NKR Criminal Code.

The investigation is carried on by the NKR Prosecutor

General's Office. The name of the suspect isn't mentioned.

*05a-ta-e #01 %000 >c00 $14 &03 @03 .am 12/05/05 17:50

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Баревнер :flower: ! Понятно .... Только kакая связь между Февралём и Апрелем? Прямая?

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