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1500 Monuments In Liberated Territories Of Artsakh

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1500 Monuments in Liberated territories of NK


02.08.2006 11:01

At present around 1,500 archeological, architectural and historic monuments are registered in the liberated territories of Nagorno Karabakh.Hakob Simonian, the director of the scientific-research center of historic-cultural heritage at the Armenian Culture and Youth Affairs Ministry, told Armenpress that during the war the center organized expeditions during which the members took photos of the monuments, formed their certificates and made excavations. Simonian noted that during the first expedition in 1990 surveys were conducted in Getashen and Martunashen, in 1992 in Kashatagh, Aghdam, Fizuli, Jabrayil, Zangelan, Kelbajar and Kubatlu.

According to Simonian, the surveys were conducted mainly during war time as at that time the Armenians were to prove that the territories belong to them. Simonian said thanks to the conducted survey “at present we have a ‘tool’ and in case it is used in the diplomatic way we can prove that these territories belong to Armenians.

From 1997 to 2001 excavations were conducted in Tsitsernavank, during which 6 monuments were studied. Simonian also underscored the excavations of Kerin tomb-field which started in 2003 and continue up to now.

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