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How Many Julfa Gravestones Now Survive?

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There are several in the Etchmiadzin museum and grounds. Does anyone know how many, exactly?

Are there any in other museums in Armenia?

The 'Museum of the Caucasus' in Tblisi had at least two in 1902. They are listed in their catalogue for 1902. What happened to them? RAA produced a book about the fate of the contents of this museum under Georgian control, saying how the Armenian objects were neglected or lost. Does someone here have a copy of that book and can tell me if the book says anything about those Julfa khatchkars?

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As far as I see, some (at least one) khachkar from Jugha was sent to St.Petersburg Hermitage museum of Russia and to Arts museum of Armenia in 40-s (Russian):


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As far as I remember, this one is in Echmiadzin:


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Hello Steve,

Hope you are well :)

I found a book with images of the Jugha gravestones. May be you already have seen it.

Below you can see list of texts to the images:


If you will translate russian version (don't read english one - it isn't full) you will see where some of khachkars located.

For example, one of them now located on Erevan's brandy fabric (IAW text). You can also look at the photos here:


I want to thank the creators of www.armenianhouse.org for their work.

Take care,


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