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  1. Here's a good sign for you! Did you know that relationships between men and women that begins with a solid friendship first is exponentially more likely to succeed? Good luck!!
  2. Love at first sight? It exists...but it's certainly not an everyday occurrance.Most people, especially younger or less experienced people, tend to mistake lust with love. That tingling feeling, that passion, that desire, that longing you feel after laying your eyes on some girl/guy for the first time is probably lust.Just think about it for a moment...what can you possibly know about a person with the first glance? Almost nothing. How can you know if that person's a republican? How can you know if that person's jewish? How can you know if that person wants to have children? So what happens when you are all those things, and your "love" turns out to be none of those things? Boy, that "love" sure didn't last long!Of course, every once in a while, somehow, everything turns out beautifully...and the initial lust blossoms into love. But this is very rare, I believe. Those that experience this should feel lucky and privileged.
  3. Whoa, wait...I'm new this board, and my russian is equivalent to a baby...so someone help me out...Did this guy just say that abstinence is no good for love? :oI'll leave further comment until I know what was said...er, unless no one knows english around here, in which event i guess i'll leave further comment until i learn russian!!