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Orphan children

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The project “Help the Children” is an educational program founded to increase and improve the educational level of the children in orphanages. It has already started its activities in Yerevan and in the district of Gyumri aiming to include orphanages in all regions of Armenia. The main force of the foundation and development of the project relies on the devotion and readiness of the young staff that support Armenian children to form educated and united society.

The main objective of the project “Help the Children” is to increase the educational level of children in Armenia starting from the most vulnerable layer of society, from orphanages.

The project “Help the Children” provides the children with the following classes:

• Armenian classes

• Russian classes

• English classes

• Computer classes

• Spiritual classes

The project has already had an internet site which includes all the orphanages of Armenia. The project has also planned to implement various parties, exhibitions, competitions and Olympiads, camps. It will also organize English and dancing clubs.

Nowadays the project has financial problems. We do not have a constant supporter that is the reason why we need your support. We will be grateful to you if you provide us with any kind of support.

For more information, please, link www.helpthechildren.am

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