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Ani jan qo Maci hamar yete uzum es program vor filer@ delete ani karacharkem Spring Cleaning 8.0 vor@ verchersa durs ekel. ka nayev Cleaning Agent program@

About Cleaning Agent

A handy disk and file cleaning utility. It cleans your disks with a click and sweeps out all unwanted files and folders fast. It wipes out mess that some applications can do on your disk. Cleaning Agent removes all those log files, reports, cache files, temporary folders which can contain hundreds of files and can go to megabytes in size. It is more than just a space saver. It improves your disk performance, speeds up file searches, virus scans, disk scans, file defragmentation, desktop rebuildings (Mac only), etc. Once configured, it works automatically and efficiently. It does all the dirty work in few seconds leaving more time for you to work instead of cleaning your computer yourself.

Key features:

- cleans disks with a click

- removes all unwanted files incl. log files, caches, temporary items

- works automatically and efficiently

- cleans items only when matching given conditions

- allows to configure general cleaning conditions as well as idividual cleaning conditions for each item

- forces periodical desktop file rebuilding (Mac only)

- saves log file after each cleaning

Download: http://wsidecar.apple.com/cgi-bin/nph-reg3...ing_agent_x.sit

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