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5 Million Turks In Turkey Support Us Genocide Bill

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The Assembly of Turkish American Associations recently featured on its website a reference to “the first nationwide public survey” conducted in Turkey on the Armenian Genocide and the congressional resolution on this issue. The poll was carried out earlier this year by “Terror Free Tomorrow” in collaboration with Istanbul-based “ARI Movement” and U.S.-based “ARI Foundation.” ...

When asked their reason for opposing the genocide resolution, only 36% said that it was because they did not believe that a genocide occurred. ..

7.4% who support it represent more than 5 million Turks who believe that the U.S. Congress should recognise the Armenian Genocide. Furthermore, another 8.5% or close to 6 million Turks have a neutral position on this issue...

The most amazing finding of the survey was that fully 50% or 2.5 million of Turks supporting passage of the Armenian Genocide resolution justified it by saying that “Turkey should recognise the past wrong of its genocide against Armenians;” 13.7% said that “Turkish recognition of the Armenian genocide will help reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia,”...

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