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Ov Em Es,ov Es Du?chgitem Chem Hishum!

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Cnundovs erkraci,Azgutyunov Hayastanci

Tarinerin tapaleci,bayc chimaca "mard"mnaci?

Te xi en asum Hay es Hay mna?

Kamel asum en "mard es mard mna"!

Te vor arden Hay em darcel,uremn hame el "mard" em darcel?

Hima vorne lav [email protected] te "[email protected]"te [email protected] kem el [email protected]?

Aveli lav cher erkraci mnayi Hayeri suqn u [email protected] chtenai?

Gone mard mnai status unenayi u erexeqis haci ter darcneyi

Axr vor lacum ei cnveluc heto asum ei indz Hay kam "mard" mi darcreq!



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Lav votanavor er u huzich!

Inchqan haskatsa status chuneq.


Arayjm miayn Hayi status unem! u der kunenam! bayc em te andz der kaskacum em :rolleyes:

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