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  1. shat shnorhakal em yev srtanc shoyvac,
  2. Alessandro Del Piero Fabio Cannavaro Italian national soccer team
  3. Ани джан,поздравлаю Shnorhakalutyun Samvel jan Nazel jan Samvel long time no see kezanic el mi ban dir kez el tesnenk, indz tvuma bolorn el gushakac klinen vor et nkari mijine buffonna du ches
  4. I cannot argue, since most of the time I am pretty cinical about anything of this sort but for some reason it captured my special attention, and i had not felt a stronger presence of a higher being(no specified) even in church. I guess it all depends on the individual perception of things differing from one person to another. but admit it though, deep down you do want to believe that this planet and its occupants are not forgotten by God.
  5. Fear is cosntructed on the actions of the symphatetic nervous system, that is the process of gettin ready to flight or fight, both of which are results of the constant wish to protect your life, and your overall well being. To deny any of those perspectives of fear would be dishonest on anyones part
  6. ya ne znayu kak vas no na menya eto proizvelo ogromnoe religioznoye vpichitleniya. I was honestly touched to the very bottom of my soul.
  7. Անի0199

    Artur Jan

    jelayu tebe vsevo tavo chevo tvoi raditeli tebe bo pajelali da i sam ti sebe jivi kak padskazivayet tebe serdce, raduysa kajdey minutoy, don't be lost in the past, be happy for every new day, and never regret or forget anything.
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