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  1. Dear Friends..thank for your helps..and your hot hearts..friendly voices for a person from long distances.. i believe that one day all people who feels humanism will sing,write or shout all Hay's tragedy.. Thans full friendly again.. pari kisher:))
  2. Hi .. i am half Hay half Kurdish.. My mother's mother was Hayeren.. But in geneoside her family had killed by murders and than they had asimilated. most of my relatives have forgotten this but i am very happy to have a Hay origin.. That i said half of my heart in a genoside near Sari Ararat... i know few Hayeren sentences:) for ex. Vonts es? shat lav... yev anonts Jiyan.. anonts inche. .. kisher pari..khosum em hayeren and hoyr vorti surp azvazd and some words that we r still use in our language.. Vart, arev etc. Thank for your friendly voice..
  3. Dear Firend.. Parev.. thanks for web link.. i liked that page very much..but i didnt find lyric's song.. coz it does not include any topic...could you write lyric's song's name plz? Given link which song's lyric: 1-Arakel Musheg 2-Mi bala 3-Partezum varder batsvats 4-Adanayi vogperke 5-Te zargek Thanks.. Jiyan
  4. Parev,, i am jiyan from constantinople.. i have been searching your web site for four days.. Fist of all thank for materials, songs and other datas about Hayeren culture.. i do not know your language but i know that half part of my heart still in a genoside near Ararat.. Dear Hay Friends we work for o music group which wants to sing in Armanian, Kurdish and other mezopotamian people’s language.. We know Kurdish but wanna sing song in Hayeren. In constantinople i had gotten a change to listen armanian folk music which was sang a group ‘Name Knar…’ But few days ago i down
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