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  1. Karogh e nuynisk nuyn dprotsn enk gnatsel. Yes 11-nem avartel
  2. [attachmentid=26083]Kartsem, O'Hara family [email protected] Georgiayum er, [email protected] harevan nahangn e. Petk e norits kardal [email protected] kam nayek [email protected], zhamanak chi linum. [email protected] hetakrkir kaghak e. Strakatirakan haravi amenamets kaghaknerits. Amerikayi strukneri 25% mtel en yerkir Cahrlestoni navahangistits. Minchev hima pahpanvel e kaghaki kentronakan [email protected] [email protected] mot 200-250 tarekan e. Da USA-i hamar shaaaaaaat hin e
  3. Yes klor univermagi mot em aprel
  4. Charleston, South Carolina, USA Remeber Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the wind" ?
  5. zubnaya nit' (floss) eto ochen" nuxhnaya shtuka. Prosto neobkhodimaya. I ne zabivayte chistit' zubi pered snom i posle sladkogo. Flossing: A new secret to good health? Flossing helps clean teeth in the areas that brushing alone just cannot reach (between the teeth and under your gum line). Flossing and then brushing helps remove plaque, a sticky substance that accumulates and hardens over time. Left untreated, plaque deposits can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Learning the proper way to floss your teeth is important. Your dentist or hygienist will be happy to demonstrate proper flossing techniques. The basic flossing techniques are shown in the photos below. One type of dental floss does not work for everyone. Consumers can choose between waxed or unwaxed, flavored or unflavored, and regular or tape types. In general, a waxed floss slides between the teeth easier than an unwaxed floss. Flavored floss leaves a fresh taste in the mouth, and is especially nice for those times when brushing or rinsing is not possible. Tape floss is typically thicker than regular floss and is generally favored by people with wide gaps between their teeth. Some companies are now marketing dental floss made from newer, "space age" materials. These newer materials offer increased smoothness and are also stronger than traditional floss. Ask your dentist which floss is right for you. Some people with limited dexterity or arthritis cannot easily manipulate dental floss. These people may wish to try dental floss holders or intra-dental cleaners. Floss is a multi-sensory experience, and you now have a full array of choices and flavors. Whatever your needs or preferences are, there is bound to be a product that will help you clean between the teeth and under the gum line. Brush and floss your teeth daily to help ensure the wellness of your teeth. Using 18 inches of dental floss, wrap it lightly around your middle fingers. Firmly grasp the dental floss with your index fingers. Forming a C-shape, carefully slide the floss up and down between your tooth and gum line. Gently slide the floss in between both sides of your teeth and repeat until finished.
  6. Ya gde-to v seredine, no opredelyonno v menshinstve.
  7. Inch khaytarakutyun. Ov e ayd nor rector [email protected]? Kartsum em vor usanoghi [email protected] ughaki arit e handisatsel vor [email protected] boghoken. Bayts bolor depkerum aydpisi skhal varmunk chei spasum bzhskakan hamlsarani rectori koghmits. Yes el em hndiknerin mianum ayd harstum u pahanjum heratsnel nran pashtonits, yete im [email protected] hasvi arnoghka.
  8. Yerku tari forum galuts heto vergapes voroshetsi grem, Bibar jan. Kgrem, mi shtapi. Shat khelatsi mardik kan ays forumum. Hetakrkir baner en grum.
  9. [ote name=Tereza' date='May 4 2006, 18:59' post='505723] Barev dzez Loreciner jan,es nuinpes Kirovakanci em...