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  1. I am very disappointed when I saw Turks and Azeris forums in www.thevotenation.com today. This is a voting system about to choose most loved country. It has also Forums. Almost in every discussion forums they are hating,discriminating using bad words and talking about to create a new genocide to Armenians.Most dirty minds are= bugra-e, Pessimist, ulkum_nl, uUr, KK-CEYLAN, BBLACK-FLOWERS, -bitanesi-, OttomanTurk, Fidanchik, Karabakh, TURK, YoungTurk, Turkish93, Xalid, masar, Ayberk17, Turkmafia1988, tc.uctug.tc, cHIDDy and more. If you understand Turkish language you will be shock what they are talking between eacothers about Armenians. They are not loyal even for get those votes! Please access this website and point "dislike" for Azerbaican and for Turkey. You can vote 3 times at each time open your PC and/or every 6 hours.
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