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  1. Sunday, January 26, 2014 ************************************** THE BLAME GAME… AMONG OTHER THINGS. ***************************************** If you master the rules of the blame-game you can easily represent yourself as a statesman of vision and the opposition as a cesspool of corruption, incompetence and stupidity. * When in doubt I always do that which is against my own interests. * Whatever I have done, I have done out of necessity
  2. Sunday, January 26, 2014 ************************************** THE BLAME GAME… AMONG OTHER THINGS. ***************************************** If you master the rules of the blame-game you can easily represent yourself as a statesman of vision and the opposition as a cesspool of corruption, incompetence and stupidity. * When in doubt I always do that which is against my own interests. * Whatever I have done, I have done out of necessity and under duress. The choice was thrust on me the way subservience is thrust on the 99%. * Bishops, imams, rabbis:
  3. Sunday, January 12, 2014 *************************************** THOMAS MANN SPEAKS ************************************** Where there is too much talk of love, there will be very little love. Who will dare to disagree with Thomas Mann (who probably wrote more about music than any other major modern writer) when he said: “The past half century has witnessed a regression of humanity, a chilling atrophy of culture, a frightening decrease in civility, decency, sense of justice, loyalty, and faith, and of the most elementary trustworthiness.” # ON MARRIAGE ********************
  4. POLITICS********************** There are two kinds of politics: garden variety and mafia. You may now guess our kind. * AS A RULE ******************** Great countries produce great writers; small countries ghazetajis. * WHAT'S YOUR ANSWER? ************************************** Between honest men who deal in facts and idiots who flatter egos, guess who will prevail. * FAILURE & SUCCESS ****************************** You think success is better than failure? I think, not always. I have been a failure for such a long time that success wou
  5. BAH-HUMBUG ********************************* Where would the 1% be without the full cooperation, dedication, and hard work of the 99%? * To be a good Armenian it is not necessary to be a bad human being with a closed mind. * Crooks have their uses: they make us appreciate the importance of honesty. * Being smart also means not repeating idiotlc blunders like dividing the community and abusing children by brainwashing them to brag about our genius for survival. # MEMO TO A WRITER ******************************* If you say the opposite of what you
  6. IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE ************************************* Some of my critics take pleasure in the knowledge that I am a failure and a loser. To them I say, that may well be why I understand the nation. * FANS *************** It is true that our leaders have their share of admirers. But then so did Nero, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, and Reagan. * LAWYERS AND POLITICIANS **************************************** Can you finish the following sentence? “If the world is in deep shit today it’s because…” * Q ********* Is it possible that I
  7. THE DEFENSE ************************ The Turkish line of defense is simplicity itself: “We did to the Armenians what you did to your Indians.” * The only people who refuse to acknowledge the finality of this statement are our fund-raisers and Hai Tahd (Armenian Case) tax collectors. * If the Greeks in their Golden Age ... found Socrates guilty of a capital offense and executed him, how dare we hope we can get justice from a jury of convicted liars and cut-throats? # ON STATESMANSHIP **************************************** You say he was a great statesma
  8. HOW TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS ************************************** Tribal divisions are not a verdict without appeal. All we need is a Mandela. If Africans can do it, why can’t we? To those who say,” Why don’t you apply for the job?” I say: I am a failure as a writer. I would be a disaster as a political leader. My job consists in telling it like it is. Mandela? Hell, we couldn’t even come up with an Ataturk. # IN PRAISE OF OLD AGE *********************************** I have been young and I have been old and old is better. * If you are young and
  9. DECEPTION (I) *************************** Everything that needs to be said has been said. The role of our propaganda today is to deceive us into thinking everything that needs to be done is being done when in fact nothing is being done. * DECEPTION (II) In our official version of the story the Genocide was inevitable. Which raises the question: if our leaders cannot foresee the inevitable, what are they good for besides raising funds? * OVERHEARD *********************** “Make friends when you d
  10. ON POPULARITY ****************************** Popularity is overrated. Neither Socrates nor Jesus was popular. Bach was neglected for a hundred years. Kafka was known only to a handful of close friends. Hegel’s last famous words: “No one understood me except one, and even he didn’t understand me.” My guess is Elvis and the Beatles made more money in a year than Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms combined throughout their lifetime. * Have I said this before? No matter. Some things are worth repeating. # HOW TO BE OBJETIVE *************************
  11. RANDOM THOUGHTS ****************************** After moronizing its own people America is now engaged in moronizing the world. * Describe someone objectively and deep inside somewhere one of his defensive walls is bound to collapse. * Most of my critics are not idiots but they appear to enjoy acting the part. * More often than not when I try to solve a problem I succeed only in compounding it. * My piano teacher t
  12. REFLECTIONS ********************************** A single priest may brainwash as many as a thousand children, but a thousand bishops cannot convert a single imam. All victimizers are experts at least in one field: in their choice of victims. * If you are an adult, you know something about history, and you are a nationalist, you may safely declare yourself a public nuisance and a retard. * If we were to judge a religion by its history, who would dare to brag about being a religious person? *
  13. ******************************** INTERVIEW **************************************** Q: Raffi writes about bad as well as good Armenians. You write only about the bad. Why? A: Raffi was a great writer and a good man. Obviously I am not qualified to tie his shoes. Q: If propaganda is bad, why so many engage in it? A: So many also engage in adultery, drugs, smoking, war and massacre. You see, like you, I have more questions than answers. Q: Is it true that you love Turks and hate Armenians? A: I hate all liars and dupes regardless of nationality. Q: Why are you again
  14. A SKETCH OF MY LIFE************************************* In my formative years I was carefully brought up to be a garbage can Of prejudices, lies, and propaganda. If I understand my fellow Armenians today it may be because once upon a time I was one of them and I refuse to pretend otherwise. * It was very late in life that I realized deep inside somewhere I harbored a human being. * I wasted most of my life trying to please individuals whom I now classify as somewhere between moral riffraff and the scum of the earth. * When I say I loathe dupe
  15. WHO IS A GOOD ARMENIAN? ******************************************* Sartre: “It is the rich man who is virtuous and wants everyone else to be. His values are a defense if the status quo.” * Everyone is against dividers, but everyone seems to be for the status quo, especially if he belongs to the privileged classes – namely bosses, bishops, benefactors and their assorted hirelings and dupes. * Who is a good Armenian? “An Armenian who has Mt. Ararat in his heart,” -- whatever the hell that means. * I am not a Biblical scholar but the scholars I have cons
  16. ON POWER ************************************** Men in a position of power need flattery as much as a starving man needs bread. Their intolerance and hatred of dissent is rooted in vanity and not in some kind of ideological opposition. They don’t give a damn about ideas and ideologies which they consider a waste of time. To them intellectuals are no better than children and ideas their invisible toys or verbal hallucinations or ghosts and they don’t believe in ghosts. Words are good only when they glorify and flatter their egos. In their own eyes pow
  17. FROM MY NOTEBOOKS ********************************** Loyalty or subservience to authority is not patriotism but fascism. * My guess is, we produce more speechifiers, sermonizers and pundits per capita than any other nation on earth. * Who speaks today in the name of the people, and when I say people I mean not the dead but the living. * The most important questions in life are destined to remain unanswered. Even belief systems that pretend to have all the answers are willing to acknowledge this fact. There is a well-known story about a theologian
  18. ON CRACKPOTS *********************************** In a recent issue of TIME magazine there is an interview with Andre Agassi in which Armenians and massacres are not mentioned. * The best thing Saroyan ever said about the Genocide is that he felt sorry for the Turks. * Now you may understand why I refer to Genocide ghazetajis, Hai Tahd activists and fund-raisers as Turcocentric crackpots. * There is a baloney artist in all politicians and ours are no exception. # THREE MAXIMS *************************** Thinking against oneself is one of the cardi
  19. TO KNOW IS TO REMEMBER ****************************************** To write also means to repeat what has been said and forgotten; to shout that which is whispered; and to expose that which is covered up. As for solutions to our problems: I can only say and repeat: solutions, like the Kingdom of God, are within you. * Be honest with yourself and others even when to be honest means to be outnumbered a thousand to one. * Thou shalt not deceive yourself, especially when the deception is disguised as tradition, the laws of the land, or the word of
  20. THE BOTTOM LINE **************************************** Our problems were thrust on us by others. We reject their solutions on our own. * Only the rotten succeed in a corrupt environment. * The greater the political control of schools, libraries, newspapers, community centers and churches, the greater the number of yes-men and dupes. * The challenge is to speak of serious things without taking oneself seriously; to be critical of others and even more critical of ourselves. * In a totalitarian environment to say your ambition is to succeed as a writer is like saying as a v
  21. FREEDOM ************************* Everyone speaks of freedom of religion as if it were a good thing, a mark of progress and civilization. What if what will civilize the world is not freedom of religion but freedom of dissent and heresy? But as long as rabbis, bishops and imams are allowed the freedom to poison the minds of children we will have wars and massacres. * Why is this so difficult to understand? Empires decline and fall not when its prostitutes, pimps, thieves and degenerates prosper but when its spiritually superior individuals (se
  22. WHY WRITERS WRITE ******************* When asked why he writes, a writer is quoted as having replied: "So that idiots may have something to think about in twenty years." * The problem with most Armenian writers is that they want to achieve popularity long before they are murdered by a foreign tyrant or starved by their fellow Armenians. * Am I right or wrong? I am not sure. But I know this: if I am wrong, my voice will be drowned by a chorus of loud-mouth chauvinists, charlatans, partisans, skinheads, and panchoonies, none of whom will ever dare to que
  23. INSPIRATION ********** The eternal snow of Mt. Ararat . Nightingales serenading the moon. I leave these things to our versifiers. The written word is my main source of inspiration. When I agree with something, I compose a variation. When I disagree, I improvise a contradiction. When I read an irresistible passage, I quote it. I love to quote. i love to read books of quotations. So much so that I have myself compiled two of them: one published (A DICITIONARY OF ARMENIAN QUOTATIONS), the other (much more extensive) in manuscript form. * As for originality: H
  24. ORSON WELLES SPEAKS ************************************ He hated the Irish, beginning with Spencer Tracy. In his recently published CONVERSATIONS he explains: “Seven hundred years of bitter oppression changed their character, gave them that passive meanness and cunning.” * By contrast, he loved Hungarians: “I love Hungarians to the point of sex! I almost get a hard-on when I hear a Hungarian accent; I am so crazy about them.” * On Israelis: “The only time they make good music is when Zubin Mehta, a Hindu, comes to
  25. CONFESSION (XXII) ************************* Since I have no political ambitions I don’t mind admitting that I have been wrong most of my life and I am probably wrong today. If to be right means to kill someone I’d much rather be wrong. * My favorite illusion: As human being most people are equipped to see the light of reason. * Addicts of the blame-game refuse to believe that we have played a key role in our history and we continue to do so today. * Anonymous: “History does not repeat itself, b
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