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  1. I found this on ArmenianGenocide.Com, and thought that it was really important to share - ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE AN ARMENIAN IN CALIFORNIA. Also, please forward this to everyone on your email list, whether you're Armenian or not. Kharpert wrote this on the forums: If you are an Armenian living in California, you should make two phone calls this week! If we get enough calls in, we will stop the approval of a known Genocide-denier as America's representative in Yerevan. Call Senator Boxer's office at (202) 224-3553 as well as Senator Feinstein's office (202) 224-3841 and simply ask
  2. I was KIDDING. Gee Kars, you're not the sharpest fella, are you?
  3. :lol: I knew something was definitely wrong with the message, because who the Hell would say that? It didn't make any sense. Well, you learn something new everyday.
  4. Not really into Nancy Ajram. I'm sure some of you have heard of Om Kolthoum? She was just an absolute goddess. Her voice transcended nature. There was so much power in her voice, and it never lessened with time. She made Egypt proud. Another great Arab singer is... well, was Najwa Karam, before she sold out to mainstream Arabic pop and became a plastic barbie lady.
  5. Perhaps I should post in Arabic and see how it makes YOU all feel. :lol: I do feel a bit out of place, but for some reason I feel really compelled to read stuff on here (well, the stuff I can understand, ofcourse).
  6. lol you guys are a bunch of asses. I used the online translator and it said something about "Here litter do not litter." I'm really, really confused. JERKS!
  7. Well, the lettering is quite similar so I couldn't tell. Meanie!
  8. Thanks for those links, Mickey! I read Anne's letter and watched the 2 videos at the links you sent. It's really great to see someone caring so much about the people that others choose to disregard. I felt warm and fuzzy inside! Okay well maybe not fuzzy. That would mean I'm sick.
  9. That guy looks a little too happy, and that girl reminds me of Haifa Wehbe...
  10. But on the profile editing thing, it lists Gender. Obviously, I put that in as Female. But on the Sex part, it says to put in Male/Female. From my understanding, is that asking which way you "swing"? Or am I way off-base? :lol: Edit: Wait, I just noticed it asks for gender twice. Why, that's strange... why does it do that?
  11. In Canada, but in a really crappy part. DO NOT go to Southern Ontario! :lol:
  12. Well, I made a post on here about myself, but 'ere goes nothing! My name, as my username says, is Flora Korkis. I am the president of a nation-to-nation and local violence awareness group called Aftermath. I'm a 17-year-old highschool student of Armenian/Arabic background, and yes, a bit Turkish. It's an odd combo :lol: Hmmm..... my interests are (man this is going to sound like some dating service shit right here :lol: ) political science, parapsychology, fashion, history of all sorts; North American (especially Native), African, Asian (mainly Middle Eastern), and Eastern European;
  13. Kars, I'm not limiting myself! I'm just trying to get some more resources. I'm constantly looking for information, and getting a bit of help here and there is always good. However, I always look through things myself as well, and spend numerous hours at the library each day doing so, as I currently am right now because I'm writing a study on The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki (it's an AMAZING book - I should type up my study for you all when I'm done! ).
  14. :lol: I'm really sorry but I don't understand Armenian
  15. Hello! Just thought I'll introduce myself before I present the premise of this post. I'm Flora Korkis, and I'm the president and founder of Aftermath, which is a group that makes people more aware of nation-to-nation and local violence. I'm 17, and Armenian/Arabic. My home is Canada, but my heart is still in Iraq and Armenia. You can understand how I feel, and I can understand how you all feel, about the Turkish government's denial of the massacre that occurred on April 24th, 1915. I know I can't change incredibly much, even with my group (which is not fully established quite yet, but will be
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