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  1. Dear Armenians, I am doing a research on the SYMBOL OF ETERNITY. I got registered on this forum in order to get some data or links about this symbol. I see in Armenia is popular. http://loosavor.org/pics/armenia/eternity/eternity_small.jpg Please, if some one knows exactly the etymology of this symbol, what it means, how old it is, who is using it, where is used (archeological data) or what ever who thinks is related to it. There are curently few explanations that I know, probably it is a sun symbol maybe realted to svastika, also it might be a flower/rozeta, and some are arguing that it is the eternal wind. I hope someone will help me. Link of some of the archeological finds. http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/6587/kontinuitetmb7.jpg
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