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  1. --------------------------------------- Not really. What i wanted was many submissions ) There is no way i can start and run a business in Armenia while living and working in US if thats what you are hinting. I can open any business magazine and find hundred business ideas. It is not the idea, you need a smart person to implement it and run efficiently. People made millions by selling things as simple as hats or shirts with printed messages and anyone knows about it but only few do it and do it successfully. Regards. P.S. If you have an idea for a business in Armenia and can back it up with a good business plan showing how you make money, let me know )
  3. Only 1 week to go before the deadline... web site is being updated, please use this link:
  4. Only 2 months left if you have a business idea and would like to participate in the competition: Deadline for submissions is November 1st 2009.
  5. In order to improve our work in Armenia in general and to improve advertisement for our "Best Business Plan" competition and future projects we are trying to understand better where the readers of this forum are located. Would you please vote at this web page: The poll is at the very top of the page. Suggestions on the poll or on the projects are welcome!
  6. almost a month passed since i have posted this advertisement about best business plan competition. I have posted the info on, and as of July 18 about 190 people viewed my post but not a single person replied or commented in any way. I also sent emails to the following universities in Armenia: - State Engineering University of Armenia - Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction - Armenian State University of Economics - Yerevan State University Some of the emails were just to a generic university address like [email protected] and others were sent directly to faculty and lab members whos email i got from the universities web sites. Again, not a single response or comment. I can make only 3 conclusions: 1. $500 dollar amount is so small that not a single person out of those 200+ people is interested, 2. subject of the competition is so hard that no one even considers responding to it, 3. they are too busy drinking coffee at the “Jazveh” while smoking half a box of Marlboro. Or maybe it is the combination of say 1 and 3? I would be very interested to hear opinions of professionals from Armenia on this subject of the competition. Again, here is the link to the page:
  7. web site is being updated, please use new link for the competition page: Old link will exist for a while but eventually will be removed.
  8. smart enough to create a business plan? - then you can make $500 by taking part in a competition. Details at this link: full text: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ArmeniaProject sponsors Best Business Plan Competition. These are the rules: - competition participants must be citizens of Armenia, - deadline for the proposals is November 1, 2009. Authors of the best proposal will be awarded cash prize of $500. Cash prize will be awarded after all submitted business plans are carefully considered and reviewed, and the best idea and plan is selected, - develop idea and a business plan for a small start up business, - business plan must be for a business that can be set up in Armenia with products/services also offered in Armenia (in other words no import/export kind of business will be considered), - proposed business should become profitable in 6 months or less, - business plan and all related materials must be submitted electronically in English by sending email to [email protected], - business plan must cover following items: – Executive Summary (services, financing, mission statement, management team, sales forecast, expansion plan,..) – Company and Financing Plan (Company Name, required funds, investor equity,…) – Expansion plan – Market analysis (industry analysis, customer profile, existing competition) – Marketing plan – Organizational plan and personel – Financial plan (underlying assumptions, profit and loss statement, cash flow,..) Send questions and comments to [email protected] or simply add a comment to this post. If business plan appeals to the organizers they could try to find investors to fund the start up costs for the business. Submissions that are not compliant with the rules of the competition will not be considered.