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  1. shat tank e, sorry shat shat tank e
  2. Hmm.... I am no sure that you are right:-) in everything is simple and they showed their all flowers match better, one more thing, in I sow that 19 roses (not Holland roses, Armenian roses) price is about 100$ it is too expensive. You can buy in same thing fo 50-60$ I think , please see followed links. They have lot of such things:-)
  3. Sometimes I need to send gifts to Yerevan and it is very hard to find some good Armenian sites, but I found one - flower delivery to Armenia, I ordered and they delivered in 3 hour I think it is cool
  4. [email protected] erevi edqanel tank chi inc tvuma hamematac brabioni het [email protected] 2 angam ejana, esel kuxarkem kgrem inchpes hasav