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  1. eRepublik is a social strategy game where you get to be a citizen in basically a mirror of the real world. In eRepublik, you're a citizen, and you can help your chosen country by becoming a congressman,soldier, or even president. There is currently a lack of armenian players, thus why I came here to recruit to get more Armenians to join. Last year I tried to get more people to support Armenia being added to eRepublik, and 400 votes total were added in favor of it. Back then eRepublik was smaller, and that was in Greece alone. Now it is far larger, and many new features have been added. If you do decide to join, please stay to atleast lvl 10(most people leave before features are unlocked) since before then you're missing out on a large part of the game. It would be wise for armenians to eventually organize in a single country once there are hundreds of armenians playing eRepublik, so that there will be more approval for it being added. If I can get at least 10 armenians to join, and they invite others, and so on and so forth, we can eventually get Armenia added to the game. eRepublik This is the link to join. If you have any questions about erepublik, please pm me in the game @: My Profile Link
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