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  1. voski

    My Music

    Hey Guys, i like making music in different styles you can check out my music here http://www.youtube.com/voskisoor Enjoy =)
  2. voski

    Facebook Group

    Parev Hayer, Nor facebook group hebarvatseh hye gamernerits, garogh ek kdnel Armenian Gamers search anelov. nooynbes gareli es page hedevil ays linkov. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Armenian-Gam...131754436886198 Websitenell galiseh. http://www.armeniangamers.com Fellow Armenians, A new facebook group has started up bringing all armenian gamers together, the page can be found via searching Armenian gamers or alternatively going to the link above. The website is currently a work in progress however keep an eye out for the website mentioned above P
  3. voski


    Voski Here, nice to meet you all
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