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  1. Both Boyov_tgha and Kars, Thank you so much guys! Also some native armenian friend recommend me to use "viva cell" for cell phone and "inecobank" for opening bank account. both companies seems good at service. is there any other recommendations from you? what do you think about those companies? again, thank you!
  2. Thank you Kars! ... I'm currently learning Armenian and Russian language. the next one could be Turkic! ... you know, there are too many persons who knows Turkic in Iran, but I never tried before to learn from them and it seems it's a bit late to start now! Also thank you for checking out my latest post. I hope some body give me some information.
  3. Kars, No, I'm so sorry! I know Turkish-Azari but a little. I can understand just some simple sentences. my mother knows a bit but unfortunately I don't know. I add another post to the travelers club section, but nobody answered me. could you please check my text? maybe I wrote some thing wrong to make others unhappy. the title is: Some Basic Questions and the URL is: thank you so much, Mahdi
  4. it seems I'm not a lucky guy
  5. Hi there, As I said before in a very brief introduction on myself, I'm an Iranian and I planed to leave Iran in next weeks. My first step is your country, Hayastan. I know some things about your country, but there is much more things I'm interested in or I should to know. I have too many questions and it's a bit hard to manage them, but I'll do my best to organize them before ask. The first thing is about names! In the international terms, your country official name is "Armenia". During to learn the history of Armenia, I found out that native people call the country "Hayastan" instead of "Armenia", which pointed to a hero of people. So, the question is where I should to say "Hayastan" and where "Armenia"? I'm not an Armenian, so is it ok to use "Hayastan" like you or it's a dedicated phrase to the native persons? Also in application forms (I mean which forms that will use inside of country and not supposed to be used as an international reference), I think we have to write down "Armenia", yes? In a new country the hardest part is communicating with people. This is also the best part. There are plenty of excellent seconds waiting for new ones. Clearly, the Armenian language is the first choice and the most useful option. The Russian language is another good choice. I heard from many peoples that all Armenian people know Russian as well. About a week ago, some guy told me that's true but "younger people, may don't know Russian very good". As I can see in Armenian websites (like yours), there are many texts available in Russian and many persons preferred to write even their names in Russian alphabets instead of Armenian. So, the question is how many people know Russian language? Are younger people included? Next question is about "public places and names". I mean street names, metro stations names, texts inside departments like banks, police office, etc. I find out a picture of metro map in Yerevan. The name of all stations was written in Armenian alphabets. Unfortunately I can't read all Armenian alphabets yet. For example I can read "komitas" in Russian alphabets, but reading this simple name is still hard to me in Armenian alphabets. My question is how many texts and names are available in English or Russian in Armenia, in public places? You know, I'm sure in first days I really can't read all names in Armenian and understanding even basic sentences! But, I like it! It's like to accidentally finding a time machine, wishing to go back to childhood days, and, wow! You have to start reading ABC books again! About English, some people told me that I can't talk in English in the city, for example in shops or taxi. But, in offices and departments I can talk in English. Some another people told me, they have not any problem to communicating with people via English. So, which is wrong and which is right? As you can see my English isn't that good, but I could handle usual tasks via English. I know alphabets of Russian but the Russian language is really hard both to learn and to use. All people told me Armenian is much easier to learn and to use, but I'm really new and I don't think I could talk in next weeks! The most important question to me, is about home! I will travel alone. I have not too much money, so I won't to be stay in hotel in first days to finding a good place to stay. As I'm not familiar with the country, I need another person near to me. I know that there are many homes and apartments available for rent in variety of place and price. But, I won't to be stay alone in an apartment. I tried to find a person who needs a roommate, but I didn't find any useful resource. The good news is that your country host many university students, including Iranians. The bad news is I don't know anything about them. So, is there anybody could tell me some thing about them? They live alone in apartments or they rent shared? Is there any place or any way that I could contact them? If I can't find any person interesting to shared place, so I have to rent an apartment entirely by myself. So, do you think its ok? Please keep in mind that I can't talk to others in most cases and I've never been in your country. Also I'm not just a tourist. I will stay at least 3-months and I have to handle myself like you. Ok! That's too much for 2nd post! Sorry for long text, and any help would be appreciated.
  6. Tseghakron, Thank you so much!
  7. Many Thanks, Nazel!
  8. Kars, Nice to meet you too! Of course it's great to having more friends! Also thank you so much for your helps and recommendations. Honestly, I have too many questions to ask! But, there is no great rush to finding all answers now! I'll be in Hayastan very soon, and I prefer to surprise myself! Thank you again Kars!
  9. Hi there, This is Mahdi, a very very new guy to Hayastan! I'm an Iranian who working as a computer programmer, and will leave Iran completely in next weeks. I'll stay in your country at least three months, and maybe more. While Iran is really close to Armenia, unfortunately I don't know many things about your country and Armenian culture. But I do hope to find you as friends, and maybe to help me learn more about Armenian history, culture, and language. During last weeks, I start learning both Armenian and Russian alphabets. That's not easy! For Armenian, unfortunately there aren't many resources on the net. So, I think I need your help to improve my Armenian skills. As I can't read posts 'cause they are written almost in Armenian or Russian, so I don't know am I allowed to send English posts or not. If there is no problem with English posts, I'll send my first important questions before start travelling to Hayastan, very soon. Nice to meet you guys, All the best, Mahdi