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  1. Alumni of which year? I'm a McGill grad too.
  2. Greki (ne tolko Pontusa). Ossetintsi drujestvenni narod.
  3. Ne priznanine i otritsanie raznie veshi. Izrail otritsaet Genocid! Evreyskie lobbi v Amerike kak AIPAC silno rabotayut protiv priznaniya Genocida v Amerike.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_cuisine Anyone care to add anything that's missing? It needs to be something that is either popular among the people in Armenia or in the Diaspora, it doesn't have to be considered traditionally Armenia (ie: borscht).
  5. Slava tem kotoriye ubrali etix varvarskix kavkazcev.
  6. Armyanski death metal iz Yerevana. http://aramazd.net/
  7. Known officialy as Stephansdom. Congrats, you got it You are also right about Mozart, I got my facts wrong. He was buried in an unmarked grave so nobody knows for sure. I meant to say his burial chapel is in the Cathedral. His funeral and his marriage was held there.
  8. More hints and pictures that I took: 1) The Cathedral is for this city what the Eiffel Tower is for Paris. 2) It is built around a Roman burial ground site carbon dated to the 4th century. 3) There are remains of over 11,000 people inside the Catacombs of the Cathedral. The bones of thousands were moved to the Cathderal during an outbreak of the bubonic plague in the 18th century when nearby cemeteries where shut down. 4) Other than the famous composer I mentioned earlier, an Emperor is also buried there. 5) During WWII the retreating Nazi forces were ordered to destroy the Cathed
  9. The following Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral with massive towers was built in the 12th century and enlarged over the centuries. Simply answer with its name and location. Hints: 1) It is the seat of a Catholic Archbishop. 2) One of the most famous composers of Classical music is buried there. I took these pictures in October of 2005. [attachmentid=30778][attachmentid=30777]
  10. Arhictect: Michael Posochin Montreal Expo '67
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