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  1. Hi admin or webmaster :xmas: I wonder why there is no date on the horoscope page ?ex.: horoscope for the week of January 25 . Also, does it really change every week ? I have a feeling it does not. Any way, I just wanted to mention it. Thanks,Klara
  2. Is there such a place where we can download a spell and grammar check for windows 97 but for Armenian ?
  3. klara

    Kto znayet ...

    chto sluchilos' s http://mp3.musichall.am ??kak to ne rabotayet
  4. http://www.publish.diaspora.ru/magazin/armenia.shtmlHetaqrqir eg ...
  5. http://www.geocities.com/armenia2003/engli.../hovhannest.htmev iharke urish banastextner, nuyn egi meg ...http://www.geocities.com/armenia2003/engli...etry/poetry.htm
  6. klara

    small question

    I have a question, what is the percentage of people with access to Internet in Armenia. Can every one have access, if it is not at home or at work maybe in some Internet cafйs ?
  7. What is your old time favourite movie, whether it is a soviet movie or Armenian. Mine are s loghkim parom, slujebniy roman, kavkazskaya plennitsa, there are many others unfortunately the titles do not come to my mind right now. Oh I also like, harsnatsun hyusisits.
  8. What do you think of Armenians living in LA, many of them engage in criminal activities. Lets face it, does it not ruin the image of the nation ?
  9. What is your favourite Armenian food ?andWhen we say Pizza we think of Italy, what food represents best Armenia.
  10. Hayer kan Olympicnerin masnaktsor ev inch sporti metch en gtnvum ?
  11. How does one feel Armenian ?Is there such a feeling ?
  12. HiJust wanted to know when was this site created and it ends with .com so it must be in USA ?(just curious)Klara
  13. klara


    I have read many publications about the Armenian origin but it seems that the question always remains somewhat shadowed. It seems that the Armenians originally come from the Balkans and were very closely associated with the Phrygians.Also if we take a look at the Armenian language it stands somewhat alone in the indo-European grouping. In other words there are the Latin subdivision, Slavic, German and the Armenian stands alone. So I wonder if others are interested in this subject and what do you think about the origin of Armenians.RegardsKlara
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