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  1. I miss the air, the mountains, children’s voices playing outside…I miss the simplest things, things that I did not take for granted there. I miss the smell of nature, the heat of the sun, the smell of fruits, hearing eastern armenian around me, and just the feeling of belonging somewhere.
  2. Разъяренные болельщики разгромили центр Москвы http://www.ntvru.com/russia/09Jun2002/pogrom.html
  3. haha shnorakalutyn vaspur, apakya patuhanner, tchist e
  4. Very nice. Hayliner en vran shenqi. Aysingn patohanner paylun ?
  5. Isk inz tvum e vor karogh enq nayev hayeren tarerov grel ete amen mard download ani Armenian NLS.Miyayn te chgitem ete Ikonboardi meg karogh enq tesnel Hayeren terery ete tekuz ev pohenq Encodingy.
  6. Karogh eq tesnel video seqansner filmists:Masnik Ararat filmits
  7. I think that yes you can become attached to someone. You can fall in love with their ideas, their writing style. But it is not more than platonic love. Because while communicating with each other on the net you only use words as in real life communication is more than with words, it is with gestures, eye contact, etc. I think that in virtual relationships certain elements of communication such as body language are missing. And so, to really form a realistic image of the person you are communicating with can not be done without all the elements in their place. So while you are in love with th
  8. Lav shnorakalutyun. Es chei nayel anglyakan versyan
  9. Hi admin or webmaster :xmas: I wonder why there is no date on the horoscope page ?ex.: horoscope for the week of January 25 . Also, does it really change every week ? I have a feeling it does not. Any way, I just wanted to mention it. Thanks,Klara
  10. Orinak, Montrealum ka mek hat hushardzan hayeri genotsidi hamar.
  11. Shnorhavor tsnundt Hayk !!!!! Webmaster, yes el anhravirvats hjur em ;-)
  12. Is there such a place where we can download a spell and grammar check for windows 97 but for Armenian ?
  13. Chcnaz YerazIt goes like this: du inz hamar siro axpyur es qez hamar gutse vochinchdu inz hamar eraz maqur es qez hamar qutse votchinchhervits es qez gone tesnem, siremvorpes kyanqis chqnaz yerazaregakin petk e harvits nayel kayri ete shat motanas ......ev nuynpes:Aragin siro ergyerg siro masin
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