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^*^*Памятники Еревана*^*^

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:) EREVAN......Памятники Еревана.........

mne interesno komu kakoy nravitsya ,?pochemu??

chishte tarber en [email protected] voch bolornen sazum ayn VAYRIN vortex vor drvac en, miguce arajarkner kan??? kam karciqner???

:hm: kam chpetke lineyn erbeve.........

karoxe inch vor meke ka vor harkavore nra [email protected], bayc chka??? :flower:

:girlkiss: thanks...za vnimaniye!!!!!!!!!

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Арно Бабаджанян

vapsheto armyanam, erevani bnakichnerin,aydqanel dur chekav naxkin [email protected],,,VULGARNO kak to bilo.... heto poxecin ays [email protected]<chishta hamemat,lavn e,, bayc esel mi ban cher :hm: :huh:

SIRACS KOMPPOZITORNERICA< ira [email protected] shatem katarel :) bayc xexch mardun axavaxel.xaytaraken arel. Hushardzani tesqov. :hm: :flower:


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