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Взгляд из Турции

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Это я переписывалась с турком!

Sanarai (9:59 PM) :

i am from Russia

Sanarai (9:59 PM) :

my name is Rimma

Artful Dodger (9:59 PM) :

i saw your info

Artful Dodger (9:59 PM) :

glad to meet you

Artful Dodger (10:00 PM) :

Rimma my name is alper

Sanarai (10:00 PM) :

i like malta very vatch, i was in malta few years ago

Artful Dodger (10:00 PM) :

me too

Artful Dodger (10:01 PM) :

but i am not from malta

Sanarai (10:01 PM) :

but what about your info&

Artful Dodger (10:01 PM) :

it is a fake

Sanarai (10:02 PM) :

where you from

Artful Dodger (10:02 PM) :

close to your country

Sanarai (10:02 PM) :


Artful Dodger (10:02 PM) :


Sanarai (10:03 PM) :

oh, well, i am armenian

Artful Dodger (10:04 PM) :

nice to meet you

Sanarai (10:04 PM) :

i know what turks don't like armenians

Artful Dodger (10:05 PM) :


Artful Dodger (10:05 PM) :

i know that

Sanarai (10:06 PM) :

? but armenians don't like turks too, but my family lived in Trabzon, do you know this place

Artful Dodger (10:06 PM) :

yes i know

Sanarai (10:07 PM) :

i want go where very match...there my grandsparents house

Artful Dodger (10:07 PM) :

you can do it

Sanarai (10:09 PM) :

i know, but it is a very pity story for me...i am very angry about it, and it will be very hard for me

Artful Dodger (10:09 PM) :

why are you so angry?

Sanarai (10:10 PM) :

well, do toy know about what happend between tutks and armenians in 1915 year?

Artful Dodger (10:11 PM) :

i know

Sanarai (10:12 PM) :

so, some members of my family were killed

Artful Dodger (10:15 PM) :

sorry but it was not our fault

Sanarai (10:16 PM) :

do you meen wht it was our falt?

Artful Dodger (10:16 PM) :


Sanarai (10:17 PM) :

why ? can you explain

Artful Dodger (10:19 PM) :

because while we were fighting with russian you helped the russians betrayed us so the government decided you to immigrate somewhere far from your home

Artful Dodger (10:22 PM) :

this the truth you dont want to accept

Sanarai (10:22 PM) :

i understand, but in my oppinion, where was two kinds of goverment in Turkey, one kind was talking about armenian bad, and want people kills armenians, and overs what too help armenians, so it was just a games oа goverment...

but what you mean, when нou talk about immigrate? turks were killing armenians

Artful Dodger (10:23 PM) :


Artful Dodger (10:23 PM) :

they are your facts

Artful Dodger (10:24 PM) :

we accept that while immigrating there were armenian people who died but we dont accept that"turks killed armenians"

Sanarai (10:24 PM) :

well, my grandfa wrote a book about it, and where a lot of facts

Artful Dodger (10:25 PM) :

it is up to you to believe it

Sanarai (10:25 PM) :

but why?

Artful Dodger (10:26 PM) :

there are lots of documents in turkey about it that proves what happened

Artful Dodger (10:26 PM) :

i think this topic needs to be discussed by historicans

Sanarai (10:26 PM) :

so there are lots of documents about it that proves what turkes killed armenians

Artful Dodger (10:27 PM) :


Artful Dodger (10:27 PM) :

i am not trying to convience you

Artful Dodger (10:27 PM) :

it is up to you

Artful Dodger (10:27 PM) :

believe it or not

Sanarai (10:27 PM) :

ok, can i ask you a qouestoin

Artful Dodger (10:27 PM) :


Sanarai (10:28 PM) :

do you hates armenians?

Artful Dodger (10:28 PM) :

i dont know but

Artful Dodger (10:28 PM) :

many of them make problem for our government

Sanarai (10:29 PM) :

ok...read this http://news.yandex.ru/yandsearch?rpt=picne...2F237825%2Ehtml :(

Artful Dodger (10:29 PM) :

france accepts that we killed armenians

Artful Dodger (10:30 PM) :

i think it is not problem of France

Sanarai (10:30 PM) :

oh sorry read this http://armenianhouse.org/genocide.html

Sanarai (10:30 PM) :


Artful Dodger (10:31 PM) :

it is a problem between you and us

Artful Dodger (10:31 PM) :

what do you send?

Sanarai (10:31 PM) :

it is about our problem

Artful Dodger (10:31 PM) :

but you are carrying it to europe

Artful Dodger (10:32 PM) :

and makes obstacles in front of country

Artful Dodger (10:32 PM) :

most of you have bad policies about turkey

Sanarai (10:33 PM) :

i know, but it is our problem, it is very important for us

Artful Dodger (10:34 PM) :

assume that you killed us or we killed you what does it differs ? germans killed lots of people during world war 2

Artful Dodger (10:35 PM) :

they burned them and made soap lotd of jewish people

Sanarai (10:35 PM) :

what about Musa Dag, it is our territory, and it is a very important hill for christians

Sanarai (10:38 PM) :


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Я завтра уежаю в Хохляндию :brows: :brows: :brows: и для меня это очень радостная новость!

Ура товарищи!

Today all the day behind a window the rain cried. The spring in any way will not present heat. But after long day of cares, alarms and vanities cool and damp evening air instantly washes you from a head up to legs, clears your soul. And eyes tired of a computer find, at last, rest and calm, immersing a look in damp greens around.In park the silence and calmness of trees start to fill at once soul with immense calmness and rest, giving vent to balm of silence on disturbing ideas and restless heart. Only incomparability of huge silence of a wood, calmness of the river, and rapidity of alarms and griefs brings the world to soul.

I long looked at a huge gold cloud luminous from within, on its dim reflection in lake, as if trying to incorporate all riches of its paints.

Listening to nightingales, I had a rest soul. Wet after a rain of a branch of a bird cherry waved to me following, and aroma the impregnated moisture of the ground gave to evening air sensation of freshness.The sound of a catamaran has woken memoirs. I have recollected, how we went for a drive on lake once, in the same warm May evening, swam away on island as have not turned over nearly in water because I by all means would like to get far yellow кувшинку. " Well here, up to the most beautiful to not reach in any way! ", - in it almost a symbol of all my character staying eternally in a pursuit of escaping and beautiful dream.

Here, in boundless light birchwoods I start to feel and perceive beauty of the nature of Russia in a new fashion. It seems, that from these birch woods, allowing to see blue open space of the sky, light proceeds. Light which in the freakish image refracts in damp air, is reflected from blueness of the rivers and given vent in white looses of a bird cherry, filling you by pacifying, absolute calmness. In the strange image this world in soul gives sensation of that to you the secret of meaning of the life, at last, is slightly opened, there is subject a sense and value of all values as though for an instant to you true value of all and essence of the beauty flowing from heavens and finding an embodiment on the ground is slightly opened.

In these days off, owing to surprising accident, I have got on festival of jazz music in Arkhangelsk which and referred to " Two days of a magnificent jazz in Arkhangelsk ". The calmness of warm May evening among ancient sculptures and palace parks was filled with easy music of a jazz. Grace of music wonderfully it was combined with a transparent evening cool. It seemed, air shivers and is spilled by a ring of easy pleasure of a jazz.

It is Spring easy dancing step неспеша comes nearer to Moscow.

Still day-other, also have suddenly become torn white and pink bouquets of an apple-tree, filling air sweet aroma of spring. In the center, on a background of eternal towers of the Kremlin, олицетворении histories and antiquities, this luxury of the refined white blossoming apple-trees seems especially young and touchingly short-lived.

As always in May in Aleksandrovsk to a garden tulips were dismissed. But this year one grade of tulips has shaken all. Double gentle-pink flowers were more likely similar to roses, and from afar were looked as a glade from the roses, thrown to подножью brick walls and towers of the Kremlin.

On the same Sunday in the Kremlin the concert of dancing ensemble from Turkey " Fire of Antalia " was. Ardent dances, violence of drums and a precise, prompt rhythm in completely distinct image transferred gallop on horses in steppe. In this music, burning-fiery languid, the luxury of the East force and unrestrainedness of a rhythm as at racers running in steppe was alternately heard that.

After a concert I have stepped in cool and damp from a rain spring air. In ears violent turkish music with fight of drums and fiery dances of girls in scarlet orders still sounded. Contrast of the turkish summer embodied in music and cool Moscow spring has struck me with the evidence.

But suddenly I have seen a bush of a lilac dismissed almost on eyes. Large damp гроздья bright lilac color on a background of fountains woken up, at last, after long hibernation has seemed continuation of this rough, violent music. Олицетворением prompt approach of spring, inevitability of its rough triumph.

And even without the sun, in a cool of an evening rain, this lilac bush full of colors on a background устремленных up beating fountains was олицетворением violences of Spring.

Forces of its future pleasure.Violence of spring

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Ну, возможно, про Геноцид я и не так много знаю, просто, во-первых, у меня не было желания об этом разговаривать, у него тоже, да и + ко всему я подзабыла англйский язык

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