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Mher Tchoulhadjian

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Mher Tchoulhadjian (1967 - 1993)


Mher’s life was also submitted to the unmerciful law; where together with his friends of ideal and arms, he died on the front lines of Mardouni, leaving behind unfulfilled aspirations.

Mher Tchoulhadjian was born on November 28, 1967 in Beirut. He got his elementary education at Tarkmantchadz College in Damascus. In 1978 Mher and his family settled in Bourj-Hammoud, where he joined the A.R.F. “Navasartian” junior association. He continued his intermediate and secondary education at Souren Khanamirian National College. In 1984, he became a member of the A.R.F. “Raffi” youth association, Mher took on multiple directorial and responsible positions.

In February 1986, Mher got into the American University of Beirut studying physics and in December 1989, he got his BA.

He continued his university education in engineering hoping to get his Masters degree. From the beginning of 1990 to June 1992, he taught physics at the Kevork Tchatalbashian National College, the German Secondary College and also worked at the AUB Physics lab.

In 1989, Mher was assigned director of the A.R.F. “Papken Suni” junior association, and fulfilled his position until March 1991. In October 1990, he delivered his A.R.F. oath and was accepted into the ranks of the A.R.F. Zavarian Student Association.

On August 23, 1993 Mher Tchoulhadjian was martyred alongside his four friends, in the Marzilli village in the region of Mardouni in Artsakh, while he, Meroujan Mosissian (member of Central Committee), Ardag Mentsoian, Levon Hampartsoumian and Routig Avakian were checking the position of the Armenian fronts’ forces.


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