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Today In Javakhk, Next Year In Garin

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Let's make an effort first.

Ban this Arabic word (Arz el Roum), imposed by the Genocider Nation.

We called it Garin, our generations fell all over Armenian land, spelling its name as a symbol, of bright future.

The Pan Armenian Meeting of 1919, held in Yerevan, decided after days of heated debates, the edification of a United Armenia. (And it was a major echievement for thoose days, to convince a Sassountzi that his country was to obey the same rules than that of an Artzakhtzi, etc... given the huge differences of thoose days, specially in mentality. Let's not forget that there are short sighted, if not sold 'leaders' in Yerevan willing to see differences, even nowdays...).

During this same meeting, wich could be considered as the most important of our modern history, the funding session of our Modern Nation, it was decided that Garin would be the capital of United Armenia.

And this was not an easy task, since there were very serious contenders, mainly the Yerevan option (for practical reasons, and for Arevelahays), and the Van option (fiercely defended by supra 'localists' that are the Vanetzis. And this was a very strong wing, since the only saved Intelligentzia from Western Armenia was from Van, that there were more than 300 000 Vasbouragantzis in Yerevan at that time, etc... not talking of economical aspects in favor of Van). And this was even a harder option since Garin was the most Genocided province in Armenia, and vertually there were no survivors from its intelligentzia (Armen Karo, and a handfull). Plus, it was the most Islamised province of all Western Armenia....

Nevertheless, our Intelligentzia had the strenght and the will to make such a clear-cut decision.

For decades to come, Armenians meeting or leaving each other, used to prononce: 'Next Year in Garin' ( A motto taken from Zionists, a new European movement then, using this same phrase for Jerusalem, to spread and symbolize their National aspirations ...).

If you read the 'Memoirs' of many everyday Armenians of 1920s and 30s, you will see this kind of details.

So Garin, more than eny other town or province, was turned into the most aspired and dreamed symbol of those having survived the Genocide.

Let's respect them, and respect us. :(

Let's ban the footprint of the enemy from the very symbol of our dearest Aspiration.

Let's Call it by it's Unique name: GARIN. :D

And Garin is not the motto of just Garintzis, it is our national Symbol.

Our holiest wish, our Jerusalem.

Sooner or later, watever the costs, and watever the ways, we will be back.

We will be back, and the Cathedral of Garin will come out of the ashes from that awfull mirats they build on it.

Let's not doubt about it.

If we want, we can.

And the clifs of Karin Dag, the canyons of Karvadjar are here to testify from what we can, provided we hang on our will.



As I explained, Garin is sacred, and we will never let it down nor forget about our roots.

But here we must be wise.

The Georgians, knowing us much better that we know them, and this by no common measure, set a trap. :blush:

During all the soviet era, they stressed by all means, and everywhere, the Garintzi origin of some Javakhktzis. Knowing our visceral attchment to that symbol, and the blindness, if not the complicity of our 'Intelligentzia' during Beria's years, they managed to convince all Armenians, that Javakhktzis were all Garintzis.

The aim was one: to claim the original property of Javakhk, just as the Azeris claim Artzakh or Nakhitchevan, by manipulating the records of migrations during early XVIII-XIX centuries.

Has enybody asked why all Javakhktzis remember Garin, while they left it 200 years ago, while no one in Martouni or Gavar talks about Alashkert?

Why no one in Gyoumri, where there are as many Garintzis as in Javakhk never talk about, even do not know about? Why no one in Gyoumri talks about Kars, while 70% of its people are Karsetzis, and they left it 80 years ago???

Why no one in Yerevan knows about its Western Armenian origins, while 90% of its people are Western Armenians, and they left their villages 90 years ago??

Even the ultra regionalist Vanetzis, forget about their original Van, when it comes to the young generations.


Why the Abarantzis or Ijevantzis, installed in Yerevan for one generation only, forget about their origin??

Why Javakhktzis of Yerevan, living in town for less than 20 years forget about their Javakhk & Garin Origins??? At least when asked at first hand??? :blink: :blink: :blink:

The Answer is clear: Systematic and well planned state propaganda !!

That the Javakhktzis remember Garin, it is normal, specially since it is a National symbol and a sense of pride.

Let's not forget that all Spyourkahays remember their origins, since clear of propaganda, and Western assimilation might be a kind of it.

What is Not Normal, is that Yerevantzis or Gyoumretzis forget about their Van and their Kars, Paghesh or Manazkert!

This is the result of state propaganda, during soviet years and then under HHSh.. (29 000 and forget the rest...)

Only the stubbern and 'hasdagogh' Sassountzis resisted Beria's propaganda.

But no one in Talin, where 100% are Sassountzis, will ever refer to Talin as a 'secondary' homeland! They will blow you up, if ever enybody dares to question the identity of Talin, as faster as if you had questioned Sassoun..

No, Javakhktzis are not all Garintzis. :hammer:

Far from that. There are Mushetzis, etc.... but most off all, there are 'Original/Autochnone Javakhktzis' +++


Javakhk is as Armenian as the Sevan Bassin. Can enybody dare to question the identity of Gavar?? Sevan??

It was our National Tragedy, that a 'mini' Genocide was committed in Javakhk by the retreatin Turks in 1827-28. But nevertheless, its fate was similar to many other provinces, like Sevan Bassin or Chirag.

The Javakhktzis did not 'colonise' a foreign land, as did their Hamshentzis brothers in Abkhazia or Krasnodar. :hm:

They settled on their land, terribly shaken by the Genocider Turks. But this was just as the same way Alashkertzis settled in Martouni, "bayazedtzis" in Gavar, etc...

The Merit of Archbishop Pakradouni was that he spared his people the fate of so many Spyourks.

But this changes nothing, when it come to the rest of Javakhtzis.

Javakhk was mainly Armenian before 1827, and remained so after it. :D

No one else, than some Islamised Armenians named 'Mtzkhet Turks' or wathever lived in Javakhk before 1827 and the 'Big Exodus'.


And surely not Georgians! :p

This is a fact.

History knows it.

But Stalin's chauvinistic propaganda, still continewing nowdays by inertia and shortsitedness, added to natural pride 'of Garintzi' goes on, tending to label Javkhktzis=Garintzis.

Let's be wiser.

Garin is our National pride and Aspiration. :clap:

Most Javakhktzis have roots going to Garin (not less because of mixed marriages between indegenous and refugees).

Garin's parpar prevails in Javakhk, because the refugees imposed their parpar, being more numerous and more educated, and because at that time, 80% of all Armenians living in Armenia (West+East), used to spell in Western Armenian! It was just natural that Western Armenian would prevail, just as Eastern Armenian prevailed in Soviet Armenia when state sponsored eradication of Western Armenian was organised.

If Javakhk was incorporated to Armenian SSR, than undoubtedly, no one would have used the Garno parpar today, same would have been the case with Artzakh, if ever it was incorporated....

The Garno parpar is a Pan Armenian Treasure, a relique that must survive, for the future.

Because it is notting else than original Western Armenian, deprived from Turkish and Greek influences and consonences, 'traditional' Western Armenian acquired in Bolis, where the Inteligentzia lived.

It must survive for our future Generations, for the day we will be back, as a Nation in Garin.... :victory:


But nevertheless, Javakhktzis are first and before enything Javakhktzis.

The inhabitants and the owners of Javakhk.

No other Nation can claim that land, wheter Georgian, 'Mtzkhetian' or Marsian.

Javakhk is as related to Georgia, historically, that Ani or Gyoumri, Lori and Kars. (Interestingly they claim all these lands, even Yegheknazor and Kantzag, from time to time... it's just necessary to add an 'i', making Karsi..., and for Ani, Lori or Gyoumri, it's even not necessary ). :blink:

Political Situation is one thing.

Administrative borders are one thing. :bye:

But National consioussness is another.

Borders change, we are well placed to know it, unfortunately or fortunately...

But National Consioussness prevails and must not be altered.

Javakhk is Javakhktzi's, and all Javakhktzis are all from Javakhk.

Their particular roots, wheter going to Garin or to Poka, Moush or Akhaltzkha, Ardahan or Vartzounik, is our internal, historical matter. ;)

We should not fell in the trap.

Why, in a city like Akhalkalak, there is only one 'Armenian' statue, that of Archbishop Pakradouni ???

May be because the 'other' one is that of Okroyan, a man so 'proud to claim his Georgianouss' (sic!!!) :angry:



3/ As a Nation, we must do whatever possible, or IMPOSSIBLE, to Preserve JAVAKHK as our National Heritage and FUTURE.

4/ Tiny little Republic of Armenia can be under pressure from all known and unknown players, but we nevertheless have 2 Jokers:


:rolleyes: B- Our DIASPORA

TODAY in JAVAKHK, next Year in Garin!

:flag: :flag: :flag:

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