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Follow an extract from the 'JAVAKHK FORUM', that might be interesting for some..:


Roupen Ter Minassian

He was more than a Great man.

We had a lot of braves. Lot of heroïc Titans.

But we had unfortunately very few international level strategists.

And even few, with the military experience of Rouben.

Before his work in 1918-20, we tend to forget what an exeptional formation he had.

After all, he was the second of Kevork Tchavush.

He did what most big Fedayi commanders have done. But since he had survived, we tend to forget him, when talking of Kevork, Serop, Hrayr..

He had the huge clear sight, by identifiying the trap of the Young Turks in 1908.

Against all, and even against a big portion of his fellow party comrades, he refused 'the peace'.

He had to leave the Erkir, just to return in 1914, pressenting the catastrophy..

He lead the self defense of Daron-sassoun, in catastrophic conditions.

Even if there was not the success of Van, because of the treachery of the Russian command, he did miracles. In Talin, they still swear by his name...

And then he managed the Erkir in 1917, whith Aram....

He had a rare Charisma, capacity to lead, to organise..., to plan, as a Chess player.

If ever there was not the damned Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Roupen's would have built a marvelous futur for our Nation.

He was one of the few, if not the unique Strategist we had. A real analytical mind, based and fed by experience. His work 'Hayassdan mitch Tzamakayin Oughineri Vra', is still actual and a masterpiece today..

He was ment to be our De Gaulle..

Unfortunately our people was too underdevelopped, our Intelligentzia of 'School teachers' too outdated and lacking knowledge...

Enyway, he gave his best.

He saved the tiny little Armenia we have today, cleaning it from the inner snakes.

Alas, time lacked, he couldn't deal with his native land.

It's on Orjonikidze's orders, that Nadirize destroyed his house. It was then levelled during the 30s.

For me, he is our 'Ideologue', we tend to forget too often.

His analyses are still actual, and Artzakhtzis learned a lot of him...

The One's who planned the operations in 90-93, had all his memories on their back.

I saw the same 7 books in many homes in Javakhk...

Concerning Akhaltzkha. I did not know that.

But Russians treached Javakhk more than once... even harming their own National interests, just to realise too late and regret.

It's time Javakhktzis learn the lesson their biggest Son taught so well to Artzakhtzis.

Forget about the rest of the World. And first forget Yerevan, then our 'more or Less Big Allies'.

No one will ever serve Javakhk for the sake of its 'eyes'. Surely not Yerevan, nor the Diaspora.

Javakhktzis must learn, that they are the owners of their Land, and no one else.

They have to decide what they nead, and they have to act for their own interests.

The rest will follow, willy or nilly.

That's exactly what Zangezur did in 1921, against all ods. They Imposed their will.

That's what Artzakhtzis did in 1987-88. Do you not remember Demirchian Karen in February 1988???

Later in 1993 April-May, do you not rember the fury of Levon???

No one will serve you better than yourself.

This, on an Individual level, on a family level, Javakhktzis master, better than enybody.

It is a fact that the most work lover people are thosse of Javakhk.

Even in total economical chaos today, in a Siberian climate, eny Javakhtzi family is richer than any Artzakhtzi family, sitting on a brand new highway, electricity 24/24h, and paradise climate

But on the other side, Javakhktzis have to learn from the Artzakhtzis the value of collective strugle.

That one, unfortunately, Javakhktzis have to learn....

They are still far away, nearly in the same psychological climate that prevailed in the end of XIXcent; hoping for a saving hand, trusting this or that, result was obvious...

Javakhktzis won't revive, and have a bright future, untill they will understand, that they have to count on themselves first.

That the most precious thing they will ever have, is their land.

It might not be a climatic Paradise, but it is the only one they have, and the only place where they can develop as collective 'Massa'.

The only land no one has the right to claim.

The only force, that will insure their prosperity and future.

They will have to understand, what all big Nations need: that at some points, individual (family) interests must be sacrificed, for a better future, collectively.

This is a very hard process.

It takes centuries for people to reach it.

Till now, the Georgians, as a Nation, did not achieve it. No Mingrelian minds for a Kurian, etc...

They count on outside help. Let them count on it. They were lucky most of the time, till now...

On the contrary, Turks master this psychology.

that's why they turned from a little nomadic clan into huge Empera!

So, let's forget about the others.

If we decide that Akhaltzkha must be renamed, why should we ask someone?

First rename it in our minds, and the rest is just a detail...

Taugh on this special case, and given the actual situation, I think it would be very unwise, if not stupid, to rename the capital of Javakhk after Garin, for evident reasons. In the futur, when things will be defferent, may be??

But I think it will be better to give its historic Armenian Name to Akhaltzkha (ask Samvel Karabetian or Ashot Melkonian, and even if they can't find, then call in Alexan Hakopian! ), since we will meet in Garin Next Year!

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