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Politics, War And Peace!

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You are naive my friends, Politics has never been about Peace, but only about GAIN, and gaining in German is spelled KRIEGEN, from the same root as WAR, Krieg..

To stop wars is like trying to stop the games in life..War is just a crude method of Gaining and Losing when other means have failed to gain control or dominance of an area and its people, a market share for your products and services and ability to collect taxes.

ALL The other crap they teach you in school about democracy, human rights, freedoms, and peace, is just a bunch of DOPE, to keep you deluded and blind to what is really going on in front of you face and make you support all sort of criminal activities governments get involved in..

All governments are run and owned by Criminals, no exceptions.

That is why they all have their secret troops besides the regular "people's" Armies.

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