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Elections in Armenia: what a Syrian Armenian should know

Guest Armen Avanisyan

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Guest Armen Avanisyan

Despite the Syrian crisis and the fact that the Syrian Armenians have to protect their homes, news from Armenia still cause a great interest and wide discussions within the Armenian expat in Syria.

We are  closely monitoring the current situation in our historical homeland. Certainly, Parliamentary elections in Armenia are a great event for the Armenians all over the world.

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Armenia has registered five parties (Republic Party of Armenia (RPA), the Armenian Communist Party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF-Dashnaktsutyun), the Free Democrats Party, the Armenian Renaissance Party), and four Political blocs (Exit, Armenian National Congress, Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian (ORO), and Tsarukyan).

Amid the complicated political situation in the country, tensions in the Armenian society remain extremely high. We still recall the 2015 long-term protests. Armenians demand radical changes, and many voters start supporting the most populist slogans. Although, it is much more important for the country to discuss constructive and deeply thought-out political programs.

Recently, the ruling Republican Party has been under numerous accusations of lobbying its own political interests. It's not surprising – the authorities make every effort to strengthen their positions. It is common for many countries, especially for the countries with developing democracy. Nevertheless, since our people are well aware of the true price of justice, any revealed evidence, not only negates the efforts of the politicians, but also inflicts double damage on them.


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