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Матч, как выяснилось, всё же пройдёт как


Армения: Акопян




Леко - зять армянский (тесть, он же тренер - гросс Аршак Петросян)

Гельфанд - лучший ученик Тиграна Вардановича


ARMENIA TEAM: Akopian, Lputian, Vaganian, Kasparov, Leko, Gelfand

A fabulous celebration is planned in Moscow in early June to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of the late Armenian world champion Tigran Petrosian. The 'Armenia vs Rest of the World' match will take place in Moscow and it is planned to be a six-player team tournament where each player faces all the members of the opposing team.

The Armenian team will consist of three Armenians; Vladimir Akopian, Smbat Lputian and Rafael Vaganian and three players with Armenian connections; Garry Kasparov whose mother is Armenian and world title challenger Peter Leko whose wife is Armenian. Mrs Leko's family name is Petrosian and her father Arshak is a GM but they are not related to Tigran Petrosian. Boris Gelfand makes up the numbers for the Armenian team. I was baffled as to what Armenian connection Gelfand could have, as he is a Jew who now lives in Israel but he explained that he was the most famous pupil to study under Tigran Petrosian. Gelfand attended classes with Petrosian between 1980-83 at Sochi and the Moscow suburbs and recalls how well pupils were looked after. Petrosian even took them to ice hockey matches after lessons.

The tournament is planned to take place at the luxurious Hyatt Ararat in Moscow and will be organised by Alexander Bach the Executive Director of the Russian Chess Federation. The rest of the World team has yet to be confirmed but is likely to be Vishy Anand, Michael Adams Peter Svidler, Loek Van Wely, Etienne Bacrot, and Paco Vallejo. The event should run from 10th-16th June which gives those players who want to, time to fly home, shower, shave and thARen take the first plane to Tripoli for the Fide Knockout. “АРМЕНИЯ против МИРА”

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Armenia (and friends) versus the World08.06.2004 What do Lputian, Akopian, and Vaganian have in common? Easy one. Why put Kasparov, Leko, and Gelfand on the Armenian team with them? We'll tell all. They will face a World all-star team of Anand, Svidler, Adams, Bacrot, Vallejo, and van Wely in a spectacular team event starting June 10 in Moscow.Team Petrosian takes on the WorldThe Petrosian Memorial – June 10-16 – Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, Moscow, RussiaIn this year of the 75th anniversary of the 9th world champion's birth there has already been one Petrosian Memorial tournament and later in the year there will be another. But the one that everyone is likely to remember best starts Thursday in Moscow. With two days to go before the first round we haven't seen any official website for the event, but we'll be bringing you reports and games.It's a Scheveningen-format team tournament that matches the best of Armenia against a team of international stars. Each of the six team members will play everyone on the other team for a total of 36 games. Best of all, it's classical chess. (Although Tigran Petrosian was legendary in casual blitz, we're sure he would approve.)The Petrosian team is manned by the cream of Armenia's powerful chess crop. 1999 World Championship runner-up Vladimir Akopian, feared Bundesliga warrior Rafael Vaganian, and experienced international Smbat Lputian. It's worth noting that tiny Armenia has the second-highest number of players participating in the 2004 FIDE world championship in Libya this month, seven. (Russia has 19.)The rest of the team is made up of players with connections to Armenia or Petrosian himself. Garry Kasparov's mother is Armenian and he has always been claimed by that chess-mad nation. Peter Leko married an Armenian, one named Petrosian no less! (No immediate relation, sadly.) His wife Sofia is the daughter of Armenian GM Arshak Petrosian, who is also his trainer and will be the coach of the Petrosian team in Moscow.Then comes Israeli Boris Gelfand, who is not about to change his name to Gelfandian to fit in. The lanky GM was the top student of Petrosian's school back in the early 80's before Petrosian's untimely demise in 1984 at the age of 55.The World team is a powerful line-up with one player each from India, Russia, England, Netherlands, France, and Spain. In the 2002 Russia versus the World rapid tournament Akopian and Gelfand were on the World team. But Armenia comes first! Vishy Anand was also first board for the World team in that event. When will India be ready to take on the World so he can play for the home team?The tournament was to have ended exactly on Petrosian's birthday on June 17, but had to be compacted due to the FIDE world championship getting underway in Tripoli the next day. So there won't be any rest days in Moscow. The three Armenians plus Adams, Vallejo, and Bacrot will immediately head to Libya after the final round.Kasparov's team may look outrated but actually the teams are perfectly equal! Both have an average rating of 2705. No doubt the Armenians would benefit from playing in Yerevan instead of Moscow, but the appropriately named Ararat Hotel might serve as compensation! Mount Ararat, the resting place of Noah's Ark in legend, is actually in Turkey, but most Armenians look to it as an ancestral symbol.In normal pairings it's #1 vs #6 on day one with the clash of the top boards left for the final day. That would mean first round pairings of Kasparov-van Wely, Leko-Vallejo, Gelfand-Bacrot, Akopian-Adams, Vaganian-Svidler, Lputian-Anand, colors to be determined.

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обидное поражение Лпутяна (в своем любимом Винавере) и красивая победа Каспарова (с кучей жертв).

после первого тура у Армении на очко меньше... Гельфандян также проиграл, Свидлеру

Round 1 (June 10, 2004)

Kasparov, Garry ARM - ROW Van Wely, Loek 1-0 33 A33 English Symmetrical

Anand, Viswanathan ROW - ARM Lputian, Smbat G 1-0 61 C18 French Winawer

Leko, Peter ARM - ROW Adams, Michael 1/2 24 C87 Ruy Lopez

Svidler, Peter ROW - ARM Gelfand, Boris 1-0 52 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation

Akopian, Vladimir ARM - ROW Vallejo Pons, Francisco 1/2 32 C65 Ruy Lopez Berlin

Bacrot, Etienne ROW - ARM Vaganian, Rafael A 1/2 34 C17 French Winawer

Teams - Armenia: Vladimir Akopian, Smbat Lputian and Rafael Vaganian plus Garry Kasparov whose mother is Armenian, Peter Leko whose wife is Armenian and Boris Gelfand who is most famous pupil to study under Tigran Petrosian. Rest of the World: Viswanathan Anand, Michael Adams, Peter Svidler, Loek Van Wely, Etienne Bacrot and Francisco Vallejo Pons.

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Интересно почему Петросян написали Petrosian а не Petrosyan?
Я тебе сейчас обьясню... Дело в том что у Американцев есть правило на писани армянских имен ну тобишь на окончаине ЯН. Если перед Ян стоит согласная значит будет писаться ian пример: Simonian Petrosian ну и т.д. А вот если стоит гласная то yan ПРимер Dolmayan, Saroyan... Это типа у них так принято.. :) Edited by $oad
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