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Guest arabaliozian

Sunday, October 27, 2002****************************A fundamentalist has been defined as one who believes the Scriptures (such as the Bible or the Koran) contain all the answers to all our past, present and future problems, and everything said or written after them is either repetition or deviation. If deviation it can't be worth reading or preserving. So that if all the libraries of the world were to burn down and only one copy of the Scriptures remained, mankind would lose none of its spiritual and intellectual patrimony.* What is the difference between a Christian and a Muslim fundamentalist? To answer this question is not easy because it raises many social, political, historical, philosophical, theological and semantic issues. But if I were to somewhat simplify these complexities and take a rough guess, I would say that the difference is about the same as that which exists between a bishop’s b.s. and a mullah’s merda. In saying this I realize I may lose some of my fundamentalist readers (assuming of course I had one or two to begin with) and in the process a fraction of my income from royalties. To which I can only say, So be it. Allahu akbar!LATER********To believe in a lie is the best way to understand it. If I write against organized religions, ideologies, fascism and other misconceptions and fallacies, it’s because once upon a time I believed in them, or rather, I was brainwashed to believe in them at a time when I was too young and gullible to think for myself.*As a rule the fascism of the underdog is more to be feared than the fascism of the top dog. Likewise, the authoritarianism of the imperialist is not as ruthless as the fascism of the nationalist. But there is nothing as fierce as the fanaticism of the tribalist.*There is no power on earth that can stop an Armenian from making an ass of himself in public and in broad daylight. Why this should be so is a mystery, but a mystery not worth investigating.*It is easy to be pro-Islam in a Christian environment, or anti-West in the West, or anti-American in America. That’s because all schools of thought, systems, ideologies, religions, and movements in general generate their own share of useful as well as useless idiots whose convictions are extensions not of knowledge and understanding but of ignorance, wishful thinking, and lack of experience.*Those who are in need of understanding refuse to open their minds as if having a closed mind or surrendering themselves to a closed system of thought were something to brag about. I assure you, my friends, it is nothing of the kind. History is very clear on this point. If you doubt my word, read the works of medieval theologians and consider the number of orthodoxies, heresies, and their victims.Monday, October 28, 2002***************************Some of my readers disagree with me and that is as it should be. I would be astonished, perhaps even shocked, if they all agreed with me because then it would mean that I have sunk to their level of moronism.*Why is it that mighty intellects like some of my critics who appear to know and understand everything waste their precious time reading a minor scribbler like myself? If they were to concentrate more on sharing their wisdom perhaps then our chances of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel would increase drastically.*If you think ideas or abstractions are worthless commodities invented by idle minds, consider the important role that the invention of the cipher zero has played in the history of mathematics and the sciences. Progress advances on invisible wheels.*Some people collect stamps; I collect insults. At one time or another I have been insulted by partisans, poets, shoemakers, janitors, charlatans, flunkies, hooligans, Oriental carpet dealers, physicians, fascists, fanatics, friends and relatives. An archbishop once told me, "If you decide to establish yourself in Armenia, they will take good care of you there!" To this day I cannot get rid of the suspicion that he spoke not as a concerned clergyman but as a mafia don.*There is one thing that I like about our anti-Semites. When exposed they protest violently that they are nothing of the kind and if they hate some Jews their hatred is fully justified; and they appear to be too naïve to see the oxymoronism of their position. Did I say too naïve? Strike that. Make it either too ignorant or too obsessive. On second thought ignorant is out too. I could never trust an Armenian who pleads ignorance after asserting again and against that he knows better because he is smarter.____

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