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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I never this sort of stuff before. It sure is Armenian! )
  2. This is beautiful! The repeat signs make me smile. Looks like he really knows what he is doing. I even tried playing it on my flute (what I could). Hope he won't give up music when he finds out about video games, if he hasn't already
  3. Hasarak mardik heraxosi zangerin chen patasxanum, ur mnac "[email protected]"
  4. :lol3: prosto klass!
  5. Dinozavrik, be careful. This might be some turk trying to provoke a fight. I can't believe that people would be doing such research on public forums...
  6. Oshakanum chgitem bayc Glendaleum mi xanut ka vorteghic karox es cankacac haykakan yev rusakan yergeri notaner gtnel. chem hishum konkret anune bayc karcem Abril e. mi kani angam entegh yeghem em u misht pntracs gtnvel e. Isk ete es koxmerum ches aprum karogh es taghi haykakan graxanutnerum pntrel.