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  1. Clear the box, I could not to send you messeges

  2. Hey, last summer i began learnıng armenıan but because of study at college ı havent ın a whıle and am startıng to contınue now, ıve started to learn to make numbers usıng the Armenıan letters to represent, ı know a date such as ՌՋՀԵ = 1975 = 1000 + 900 + 70 + 5 In englısh ıt ıs saıd '24th April 2008' and ın amerıca they say 'aprıl 24th 2008' i want to know how to do thıs ın Armenıan as ı cant fınd any ınformatıon on the ınternet from a search how ıs ıt structured ın armenıan? can somebody explaın and gıve me an example please thanks! Atam
  3. I was inspired by the learn russian thread and it appears there is many enthusiastic learners here!i've been learning armenian with much help from a member here Ghazaryan, thanks again!i speak alright norwegian and good german so if anyone would like to learn some just give me a message or reply here!in return would be nice to improve my armenian!also i can help with better english as i have lived in england my whole life!
  4. Atam

    Funny Movies!

    check out some of the vids ive made over the last year on youtube!il guarantee that you laugh!www.youtube.com/stupicide =)
  5. firstly 'barev' i am new to this forum =) i live in england and my father is of armenian descent although he was born here and speaks no armenian. im really interested in learning the language and ive got phrases and stuff online but nothing is quite equivelent to having a friend on MSN who can help you im a nice friendly guy in return i can teach you German or norwegian, or if you like help you improve your english =) if anyone is interested please reply below
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