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  1. Clear the box, I could not to send you messeges

  2. sorry i dont speak russıan! and ım only stıll learnıng armenıan
  3. so englısh numbers are used?
  4. Hey, last summer i began learnıng armenıan but because of study at college ı havent ın a whıle and am startıng to contınue now, ıve started to learn to make numbers usıng the Armenıan letters to represent, ı know a date such as ՌՋՀԵ = 1975 = 1000 + 900 + 70 + 5 In englısh ıt ıs saıd '24th April 2008' and ın amerıca they say 'aprıl 24th 2008' i want to know how to do thıs ın Armenıan as ı cant fınd any ınformatıon on the ınternet from a search how ıs ıt structured ın armenıan? can somebody explaın and gıve me an example please thanks! Atam
  5. 1-Viele gute und danke schōn mein lehrer –Very good and thanks a lot my teacher. right? instead of very good, you would say Prima super fantastisch toll these words all mean good, etc viele is many. viel is much. 2-Wier werke zusammen-we are working together. right? Wir arbeiten zusammen 3-Es ist nicht alles gold, was glдnzt. Not every thing glitters, is gold. yep! correct 4-Du hilfst der Dame. You help the lady. its Die dame, but its more common to say Hilfen sie die frau du hilfst is informal, thats a formal situation so hilfen sie this rule follows for ALL verbs 5-Kann ich morgen wiederkommen? Can I come back tomorrow? correct Ja ich kann yes i can Now, how to say "good luck" or "see you later" in German. Is it "Dasvidanya". I noticed both Russians and Germans use this word. good luck is Viel glьck see you later is Tschьss although they may use dasvidanya ive only heard those 2 in germany and they are the ones i used there
  6. Welcome!i joined not long ago to learn armenian to get to know my ancestory as i am half Armenian!people here are so helpfull and ive already learned alot!you won't find a better forum =)
  7. ich sprache armenisch - i speak armenian,ich kann dir nicht lieben - i cannot love you. thats how i would say ithowever there are many ways to say YOU in german... and the others, dich du ihr dont fit into that sentance. so dir it is =Pthanks is DankeDanke schön is like thanks alot!
  8. Führer is what hitler was, its like a leader! führen - to leadkanzler - chancellor.this is a posh english word! im not quiete sure what it is myself! its somebody of importance like in parliament!
  9. bundes - federalbund - Alliance Federation Union etcbundestag - German Parliamentbundesliga - landLand - Countryyes i have yet to master the use of capitol letters in any language!glad to help johan! yes my name is adam! and so you know the phrase "Heil" is considered offencive because it is linked to the nazi partyfor example, HEIL HITLER, SIEG HEIL, are said to sort of empower hitler, almost like the saying "god save the queen"
  10. I was inspired by the learn russian thread and it appears there is many enthusiastic learners here!i've been learning armenian with much help from a member here Ghazaryan, thanks again!i speak alright norwegian and good german so if anyone would like to learn some just give me a message or reply here!in return would be nice to improve my armenian!also i can help with better english as i have lived in england my whole life!
  11. check out some of the vids ive made over the last year on youtube!il guarantee that you laugh! =)
  12. Thankyou! i would like all the help i can get! i dont't mind using the forum i just dont want people to become annoyed with me for constantly asking questions =P i prefer MSN because i can have long conversations everyday if possible. im good learner of langauges =D
  13. thankyou for your kind welcoming =D my msn adress is [email protected]
  14. firstly 'barev' i am new to this forum =) i live in england and my father is of armenian descent although he was born here and speaks no armenian. im really interested in learning the language and ive got phrases and stuff online but nothing is quite equivelent to having a friend on MSN who can help you im a nice friendly guy in return i can teach you German or norwegian, or if you like help you improve your english =) if anyone is interested please reply below