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  1. You might have some laugh time navigating in this forum if english is all you can speak, besides persian. But good luck!
  2. After thinking about it, I have to say that while the guys makes a few valid points, he's still biased and doesn't wanna give women the rights that they have over their own childbirth. Once you've made her pregnant, it's all her body from then on... Can't be any question about it.
  3. I can't really disagree with this, but I feel there's somthing wrong with it. Gotta give it some thought.
  4. As long as the work gets done - male or female, who cares?
  5. Apres. Irok vor taghandavor es.
  6. Oh, yeah... As far as maps are concerned, you don't need one. Just limit yourself to traveling with Metro (it's very cheap) and you'll be able to enough Yerevan..
  7. I'll try to answer a few questions. Armenia, Hayastan.... Call it whichever. Everyone in Armenia knows Russian - some may speak very fluently, some not so fluently. But Russian is their second language. English is spoken by less people, not a significant percentage of the population. Most younger people speak enough to understand the basics. You may not find a roommate, unless you find some Iranians who are willing to share their place with you. Armenians themselves don't live with roommates; they're either married living with family, or single living with parents, or alone
  8. Hello! I thought I'd stop by here to ask this question to my Armenian folks. This has been worrying me so much. Here's the problem. I have a US green card which was issued on basis of asylum. I've been here over 7 years. Now I want to go back for a visit to see my parents. But I am told on my way back I might have a problem with the immigration, since my green card was given to me as an asylum seeker. However, I can go to any other country with no questions asked. Now I think I should go to Georgia with my US travel document, then enter Armenia with my brand new Armenian
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