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shat shat zarmatcats em vor menq unenq aysqan harust zargatcats internetayin ctragravorum une harust informatia vor karox es shat nor news vertsnel u vertsnel shat information about armenian history and etc... thank u artur. xosk chka inchqan uraxem u shat zarmatcats vor ayspise mitqa arajatcel ev vore mer hayerin irara het kapi meja pahum erkri amen ankyunits. oxaki @ntira mersi. jamanake shat qicha bayts amen anqam erp arita linuma anpayman inchvor informatia vertsnum em aystexits. bye and good luck

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et asir u trar ha?

ba el het ches galu?

mi ari tesnenq ov es , inch es , ho menak info trtsnelov chi

Iharke katakum em

hi Aramis vontseq? de asi shat chmnam karoxa avel mnay gishere chqney shat xoranay :) miqich info trtretsinq u gnasi qo astas :)

shat chem linum aystex jamanaki patjarov iharke bayts porsum em shat hetaqerqira stex amen inche. de bye see u

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