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Russian Towns : Twin Cities With Armenia ?

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Here are the towns and suburbs of France (and of some other countries) which are Twin Cities with Armenia :


In France, City Councils pay much attention municipal relations with their Twin Cities :


Towns and suburbs of France twin cities with :

- Russia : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...es/08russie.htm

- Ukraine : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...s/08ukraine.htm

- Baltic countries :




Is there an armenian website for this ? Which towns of Russia are twin cities with Armenia ?


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Образ Григория Армянского на некоторых памятниках, древнерусского искусства :


- 1/ Please, what are the towns of Russia in this article ?

Please can you also tell :

- 2/ towns in Russia : on the map ? Map.Google : http://maps.google.com/maps/mpl?moduleurl=...amp;t=p&z=5

or other russian map software ?)

- 3/ http://www.google.com/ig?hl=ru or >> JPG of pictures showing the towns, etc.

- 4/ the names of the churches ? > http://www.google.com/ig?hl=ru or www.yandex.ru > JPG

- 5/ the names of the painters ( www.yandex.ru maybe known ?)

It is for my page in french (Имперская Россия и армяне с XVI по XVIII вв) :


Thank you in advance. Parev. Nil (Paris)


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