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Курды подарили туркам пожарную машину

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Kurds Insult turks with a token of kindness?

A town in Trabzon known for its nationalist sentiment has been divided in two by the recent donation of a fire truck from Diyarbakır, a mainly Kurdish province.

Because the Black Sea town of Çayırbası did not have a working fire truck, the mayor asked for one from Diyarbakır municipality. “Diyarbakır is also a municipality of this country. We needed and they gave. If we had more, we would give to them as well,” said Mayor Hilmi Koroglu, of the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP.

The truck, however, has divided locals, with some objecting to the donation while others lamenting those who have complained about Diyarbakır’s gesture.

A bomb threat was made against the truck on the day it arrived two months ago, indicating the strong stance some have taken against the donation.

Others, however, said there was no problem in having the truck, which has already extinguished six fires since arriving.

“That place is our country too. We needed it and a municipality donated it. Is it a crime?” said Bahri Kalıntas, a local.


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Доктор Юсиф Алачоглу вступил с заявлением, касающимся курдской проблемы.

80% Курдской Рабочей Партии составляют армяне. Таким сенсационным мнением поделился с журналистами бывший председатель «Турецкой исторической компании» Юсуф Алачоглу.

Как передает Bakililar.AZ, Armеnia Today, ссылаясь на турецкие СМИ, сообщает, что Юсуф Алачоглу на конференции обратил внимание на осуществляемые реформы на территории Турции, которые начались с 19 века.

В ходе обсуждения курдской проблемы, Алачоглу выступил с заявлением, отметив, что, считающаяся в Турции террористической организацией - Рабочая Партия Курдистана, на 80% состоит из армян.


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