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Armenians About Architecture In Turkey

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I would only be surprised if I found an Armenian who actually knows about Armenian architecture. And I would be even more surprised (it would be like witnessing a miracle) to find one who both knows and cares in an appropriate way. The current condition of Armenian churches in Turkey is entirely due to the fault of Armenians.

Agreed. Armenians blame that allowed the wild beasts of the ruthless turks on the Armenian land, but Artsakh proves that we can purify our land and the church from the turkish mud. Total stripping of the turkish mud expects Western Armenia.

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In another section of this forum it was revealed that an Armenian tour guide taking a party of Armenians around eastern Turkey had been misinforming them that the Chitfte Minare Medresse in Erzurum had been an Armenian church, that the Erzurum citadel mosque had been an Armenian church, and that a former Greek church in Erzurum, now converted to a mosque, had been an Armenian church.

This was not a one-off incident. In June I had the unpleasant experiece of meeting on Aghtamar Island a small group of tourists from Yerevan, presumably led by the same person responsible for the above tour group. They had already been told exactly the same lies, and they believed them to be true.

However, they were like sheep at the hands of the Turks, obediently herding into the side chapel and lighting their candles in the only spot candles are permitted to be placed (a north-facing niche that originally held a baptismal font and that was never intended for votive candles). And as soon as they were gone, the candles were quickly extinguished and removed.

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