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Anahit Ar Aruchyan

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Anahit Ar Aruchyan родилась в Ереване в 1951 году. Она росла в семье художников. Она училась в колледже искусств им.П.Терлемезяна в Ереване. А в 1971 году Anahit Ar Aruchyan получила степень бакалавра изобразительных искусств.


Anahit Ar Aruchyan was born on February 14,1951 in the ancient capital of Armenia, Yerevan. She was brought up in a family of artists whose artistic roots span three generations. Her father, Sarkiss Ar Aruchyan (Winner of the Peoples Artist of Armenia State Prize) was one of the best theatrical set designers in the USSR. Sarkis taught Anahit diligence, clear discipline and regularity in work. Her mother, Ofelia Vardaniyan was a post-impressionist master of paint and Anahit's first teacher. She contributed to Anahit's feeling of beautiful formation, and cultivated her deepest respect to culture.

She began her artistic education at the age of 16, in P. Terlemezyan's Arts College in Yerevan. During these four years she studied painting, drawing, technology of paint. In 1971 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Theater in Yerevan. In an effort to acquaint herself with a classic and impressionist masters she spent immense amounts of time at the major museums in Yerevan, St. Petersburg and Moscow, studying and examining great works. Anahit, though a painter in nature, thinking in color and line, was swayed by the theater. Theater seemed to take possession of her creative attention. For Anahit the theatrical stage was a canvas in movement. The rhythm and colors of the magical world of theater enriched her imagination and gave her a rush of inspiration.

Bginning in 1974 she exhibited her work and started work as an associate costume designer in prestigious theaters in the capital. In 1977 she visited Budapest National Museum of Arts in Hungary in an effort to study the famous masters El Greco, and Goya. In 1978 she graduated from the University of Fine Arts and Theater and received her doctorate in Art in Yerevan. Her diploma work was called "Aspiration" which was an 84" x 64" oil on canvas. This work was exhibited in the acclaimed gallery of the Artists Union in Yerevan. The work was very also highly regarded by art critics.

In 1984 Anahit moved to Russia to peruse further heights in her creativity as well as her career. Her time in Russia played a special part in the formation of her artistic personality. Also a great importance for her during this time was her association with the Bolshoi and Kremlin stage Palace. In the time between 1984 and 1989 she had her work shown in several exhibitions the USSR and abroad. She was also a professional member of many associations such as, the Theatrical Association of Armenia, the Artists Union of Armenia, and the Artist's Union of USSR. In 1985 she visited the Prague national Museum in Czechoslovakia and traveled throughout Italy taking in the wonders of the rich museums of Rome, Florence and Venice. In 1986 she received a Certificate of the Highest Caliber of Sceneography, from the Ministry of Culture of Moscow, USSR.

It seemed nothing could stand in the way of her living and creating in a world where she had achieved and accomplished so much. However it seemed she still strove for a country long in her dreams. In 1990 she relocated to the United States of America. As with all immigrants she too had quite a difficult time, however she never let go of her true love of art. At times when it seemed much simpler to let go and focus on something else more profitable, she could not let down her brush. She never let her spirit be broken. She is dedicated with heart and soul to her art. Anahit continued to create and recreate until she finally found herself once again.

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"I am With You Again Gentelmen"


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"Love is Beautiful Like Me"


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Мне понравились особенно "Восточная красавица" и Павлова. Интересная частичка Ar. Что бы она значила?

я пыталась найти- не смогла. Наверное, сокращение от отчества.

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