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Eastern Promise For Outsourcing Software

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Eastern promise for outsourcing software 09.06.2004 With numerous European companies caught in a dilemma of growing technology demands and shrinking IT budgets, outsourcing software development to Russia and the Newly Independent States (NIS) is an increasing attractive option. ADONIS, an IST programme-funded project, is meeting the challenges of this dilemma by assisting European organisations and businesses to outsource software development in collaboration with programmers in Russia and the NIS of the former Soviet Union, primarily Ukraine and Armenia. This is a win-win endeavour - European companies can offer their products and services at competitive prices, while opportunity is created in the participating NIS. Both benefit from rich research and development collaboration. The 10-member consortium collaborated to set up and test a pan-European network of services for outsourcing software tasks. Project partners have since formed a Brussels-based company, NewAdonis SPRL. Outsourcing to NIS and Russia holds "very high potential", according to project manager and company Director Dr Ruben Vardapetian. "The results of 16 pilot projects are still being analysed, but the three countries, including Belarus, have a huge intellectual capital largely unexploited by Europe and unused by their own countries," he explains. Global software outsourcing is a lucrative, multibillion-euro business, with the lion’s share going to India. But Russia is among the rising stars with an annual turnover of Ђ400 million. NIS and Russia offer rapidly growing economies and large, highly educated populations willing to work for lower wages than their European counterparts. Outsourcing is not an entirely new phenomenon in the region. Vardapetian notes that Armenia was producing both hardware and software for the Soviet military since the 1950s. What is new, however, is the growing recognition of companies in Europe and across the Atlantic of its benefits. Outsourcing is becoming synonymous with outsmarting, offering companies the ability to reduce costs, focus on core business activities, compensate for lack of IT staff and access specialised expertise at a highly competitive price. Contact: Dr Ruben Vardapetian NewAdonis SPRL Chaussйe de Wavre 352 1040 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32 -2-2306916 Email: [email protected] http://www.innovations-report.com/html/rep...port-30107.html

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Nice article About Outsourcing software development in Russia well written. Outsourcing software development is one trend that has caught up immensely in the present times. Almost all the software services are outsourced nowadays. Even when the resources that are required to build software is available, outsourcing is the option that is preferred. India is the most preferred outsourcing country among all. It is not just because of the competitive prices but also top quality custom software development. Superior quality, affordable prices, assured winning results, what else a company needs to stand out in the market. Outsourcing is instrumental in cutting down the costs building an IT service quite a bit. And as the number of concerns providing IT services are increasing the clients are having increased number of options to choose from. A-grade services are now available at hugely competitive rates, thanks to this concept of outsourcing software development. The most amazing factor here is that the third world countries are coming upfront in terms of outsourcing and they are actually reaping quite good results.



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