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    "Novaya zapoved"

    Вот интересно сказано в заповеди: Возлюби ближнего своего как самого себя. так же есть от Иоанна: “Заповедь новую даю вам: да любите друг друга, как Я возлюбил вас, и вы да любите друг друга."
  2. Woodrow Wilson opasalsya togo, chto armyane budut polnostyu unichtojeni... iz vistupleniya: 6 september, 1919 An Address in Convention Hall in Kansas City "...Then there was another thing we wanted to do, my fellow citizens, that is done in this document, We wanted to see that helpless peoples were nowhere in the world put at the mercy of unscrupulous enemies and masters. There is one pitiful example which is in the hearts of all of us. I mean the example of Armenia. There was a Christian people, helpless, at the mercy of the Turkish government which thought it the service of God to destroy them. And at this moment, my fellow citizens, it is an open quastion whether the Armenian people will not , while we sit here and debate, be absolutely destroyed. When I think of words piled upon words, of debate following debate, when these unspeakable things that cannot be handled until the debate is over are happening, in these pitiful parts of the world, I wonder that men do not wake up to the moral responsibility of what they are doing. Great peoples are driven out upon a desert, where there is no food and can be none, and they are driven to die, and then men, women, and children thrown into a common grave, so imperfectly covered up that here and there is a pitiful arm stretched out to heaven, and there is no pity in the world. When shall we wake up to the moral responsibility of this great occasion?"
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