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  1. Rebyata, a chem svyazanna passivnost` na forume ? Ya chelovek noviy, mozh et normal`no...
  2. Interesno, kakova oficial`naya posiciya Japonii v voprose Armyanskogo genocida ?
  3. :sneaky2: Hayer jan, ova tesel S. Kubriki [email protected] ? Ete tesel ek, inch kartsiqi ek ? Arandznapes "2001: Tyezerakan Odisseya"-i masin ? :sneaky2: Guys have you seen Stanley Kubrick (one of the greatest directors of our time) films ? Do people in Armenia watch them ? What do you think about them and particularly about "2001: A Space Odissey" ? I can't remember myself watching it in Armenia, but my friends told me "Odissey" has been translated by Arm/Rus TV.
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