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I Was Told I Could Introduce Myself Here :)

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Well, I made a post on here about myself, but 'ere goes nothing!

My name, as my username says, is Flora Korkis. I am the president of a nation-to-nation and local violence awareness group called Aftermath. I'm a 17-year-old highschool student of Armenian/Arabic background, and yes, a bit Turkish. It's an odd combo :lol:

Hmmm..... my interests are (man this is going to sound like some dating service shit right here :lol: ) political science, parapsychology, fashion, history of all sorts; North American (especially Native), African, Asian (mainly Middle Eastern), and Eastern European; religion, biology, evolutionary sciences, music; listening to it, studying it, creating it; MMA (mixed martial arts - I love Karo Parisyan :inlove: ), Karo Parisyan, Karo Parisyan, and did I say Karo Parisyan? :lol:

Haha, so... you basically got the idea of what I'm into on a daily basis.

Oh yea, and I'm going to eventually learn Armenian so I can speak to my relatives. :cool: Right now, English and Arabic are occupying me.



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Very glad to see you at our site!

And where are you?

In Canada, but in a really crappy part. DO NOT go to Southern Ontario! :lol:

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Welcome!i joined not long ago to learn armenian to get to know my ancestory as i am half Armenian!people here are so helpfull and ive already learned alot!you won't find a better forum =)

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