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  1. Born in Paris, my Armenian is not so fluent. But I have been studying Armenian History of the Diaspora and I am still in love in Armenology : http://www.crda-france.org/fr/2armenologie/2home.htm We have some important pages in Armenian : http://www.crda-france.org/0hh/home.htm They are scanned pages from photocopies made in libraries. You can help me in typing titles in Armenian . I use this keyboard usely : http://www.lexilogos.com/clavier/hayeren.htm Please can you type these pages with this key board : http://www.crda-france.org/0hh/6histoire/20_a1contents.JPG http://www
  2. http://www.crda-france.org/0hh/2armenologie01/erevan1995.htm Best regards from Paris. Nil. http://www.crda-france.org/fr/home.htm
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