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  1. Գրիգոր Լուսավորչի կերպարը հին ռուսական արվեստի մի քանի հուշարձաններում L'image de Grégoire l'Illuminateur représentée sur certains monuments d'art ancien russe Պատմա-Բանասիրական Հանդես , 1976-II http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/0ru/6history_pbh/1976ii_166.htm Please can you tell us : - the names of the towns in Russia ? >> on the map ? (Map.Google or russian map software ?) >> Google.ru >> JPG showing the towns, etc. - the names of the churches ? > Google.ru > JPG - the names of the painters (maybe known ?) - А. Я. Как
  2. No Kars, I have not. Of course one day I'll do it or make it done. But it is not the time now. I have to finish the work I have begun. Yesterday I put 12 new pages and I hope to finish in 2-3 weeks (?). But I must say it is rather (and even very) toilsome. I must put a distance to this red-hot family document, to have less personal relation with it. One day I shall tell how and what conditions I found this manuscript. It can be a topics for a novel. Best regards. Nil (Paris) # 44
  3. http://www.languageguide.org/eng/ There must be other such websites. Here is one showing the word "PEACE" in all languages : http://www.la-paix.org/le_mot_paix_dans_le_monde.htm I sent the word peace in armenian in JPG because I do not master the Armenian Keyboard (yet) : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ix_armenien.JPG As you master Armenian language fluently, please participate to internatonal linguistic forums. Thank you. Exemple one in French : http://projetbabel.org/forum/index.php Google "Linguistic Forum" : http://www.google.com/search?source=
  4. Dear friends, I need your valuable help again. I am preparing to put a new article in russian onto the web (as I did for A.S. Pushkin). The pages are scanned, I have to format and enlighten the jpg.s. Here is the article : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/.../1976ii_166.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...166kakovkin.htm Please can you type the title in : - russian - and in armenian. The translations into >> french & english. When the article is on the web, I shall ask to the websurfers what are the churches, their towns,
  5. Dear friends, Google is marvellous ! Пушкин & Армяне - Պուշկինը և հայերը Google.ru "Пушкин & Армяне" - Google.com "Pushkin Armenian" - Google.fr "Pouchkine Arménien" - Google.hy "Պուշկին հայ" Books.Google "Пушкин & Армяне" - "Pushkin Armenian" - "Pouchkine Arménien" - "Պուշկին հայ" http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...9_pouchkine.htm Wikipedia.ru - Wikipedia.ro - Wikipedia.com - Wikipedia.fr - Wikipedia.hy Google.ru."Пушкин Кишинёв" - Google.ro - Google.com."Pushkin Kishinev" - Google.fr."Pouchkine Kichinev" - Google.hy"Պուշկին Քի
  6. http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...i_pushkin00.htm only one page ready for the time being : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/..._pushkin194.htm I hope to finish the remaining pages soon. Best regards from Paris. Nil.
  7. 1956 : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/0ru/6history/hassun_kratchkovsky1956.pdf 1971 : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/0ru/6history/hassun_krymsky1971.pdf Please can you type me the tiles and the names of the authors (+town of publications, Editor, etc.) of these two articles. It is for my general page (Thank you in advance). //www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/0ab/x6_15hassoun.htm Rizqallah Hassoun went to Moscow. There are papers of him in the archives of the Lazareff Institute. But it is not sure that he went to Armenia. Best regards from P
  8. Already 151 scanned (small) web pages : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/.../1manuscrit.htm My grandmother dictated her memoirs to my aunt in the years of 1964-65 in Paris (?). What you see is a rewriting (by an Armenian from the Middle East who had a good amenian education). The original manuscript of my aunt is very bad written because in those years they did not have a tape recorder. Their photos in Venice (in the years of 1970) : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ohar1venise.htm My grandmother and my aunt's photos in Trabzon with my grandfather
  9. http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...claves01mer.jpg http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...liberalisme.htm
  10. Black Trade & Slavery = crimes against Humanity Commercial and economical profits at all cost, even at the cost of crime against humanity. Historical-structural analysis Black-Trade >> Slavery >> Colonialism >> >> Ultra-liberalism >> Anti-sovietism >> Treaty of Lausanne 1923 (crime eluded, vanished away) >> Denialist Turkish State in European Union ? (denial of crime eluded) as a bridge, as a springboard for EU in order to grasp natural ressources of Central Asia l
  11. Here are the towns and suburbs of France (and of some other countries) which are Twin Cities with Armenia : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...l/jumelages.htm In France, City Councils pay much attention municipal relations with their Twin Cities : http://www.afccre.org/fr/default.asp Towns and suburbs of France twin cities with : - Russia : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...es/08russie.htm - Ukraine : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...s/08ukraine.htm - Baltic countries : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...05lithuanie.h
  12. Besides countries, there are city councils which recognize 1915 Genocide. For France, here is a list : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...15memorials.htm Is there such a list for Russia, Baltic countries, Ukraine, etc. ? Nil (Paris) #1016
  13. Valid new web pages : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...y/LHG1970vi.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ny/BEH1974i.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ny/BEH1976i.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...rquie_nazis.htm Nil # 237
  14. New avalaible web addresses : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...lian/0liste.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...00_piralian.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ient/a_home.htm Nil #157
  15. Other Trabizontsis ? Really ? Here are some pages which will interest them certainly : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...abzon/0home.htm Best regards. Nil. # 57
  16. We have to deal with War Crimes. Here, they become Crimes against Humanity because they reach children, women and aged people. If this "war" continues (deliberately for no real military goals), there will be more and more crimes against Humanity. There will be a (planned) genocide -based on ideology : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...alestinians.pps Nil # 54
  17. There are States which POTENTIALLY could be inclined to recognize the Armenian Genocide. It is a question of how to make them sensitive : - send articles to their newspaper, TV, etc by contacting journalists - to contact their Ministers of Education, Culture and Foreign Affairs - by official diplomatic contacts - etc. etc. With internet, it is possible. I think of Caribean countries, some countires of Latin America and also some countries of Africa. There are important symbolic common ties between descendents of survivors of Genocide (the Armenians) and - descendent
  18. An Armenian Point of View from Paris on The Gaza Crisis : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...b/gaza2009i.htm Nil http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/index.htm
  19. New web address available : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...e_hay_islam.htm Nil # 75
  20. New address avalaible : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ion1antaram.htm http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...ts_darmenie.htm Nil # 20
  21. New address : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-adic.fr/...sme_2habits.htm Nil # 64
  22. How to make forget the image of Turks slaughtering Armenians ? ...the changing of traditional dresses to european dresses. A comparative visual presentation : http://www.crda-france.org/fr/9genocide191...sme_2habits.htm Nil (Paris) http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=hy http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=ru
  23. http://www.crda-france.org/fr/4diaspora/2f...ion1antaram.htm http://www.crda-france.org/fr/7armenie/monts_darmenie.htm http://www.armenweb.org/espaces/louise/rep...es/antaram.html My mother was born in Trabzon. Nil (Paris)
  24. SVP : "Les Eglises orthodoxes et orientales en France" >> hayeren ?? + pa ruski ?? http://www.crda-france.org/fr/breligion/eglise_orthodoxe.htm "Eglises orientales en Orient" >> hayeren ?? + pa ruski ?? http://www.crda-france.org/fr/breligion/eg..._orientales.htm "L'Orient chrétien : Eglises, Communautés & Histoire" >> hayeren ?? + pa ruski ?? http://www.crda-france.org/fr/breligion/orient_chretien.htm Shnoragaloutyoun >> hayeren ?? + Spassiva > pa ruski ?? Nil
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