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  1. --------------------------- i think it is misconception that schools are not good in US. It is just they have a system where same class (say 9th grade) has several math classes so smart students take more difficult one while average students go to the lowest easiest class. In reality high schools here have classes on college levels and if you take that class then you do not need to take same class in college. There are other components - immigration to US, better pay if you have better knowledge,...
  2. Hey sir christoper Look closely at your picture - you will notice something sticks out your butt. And no, do not try taking it out, you can not do it. It is in your butt and it is gonna stay there. Not sure you will get this, your a$$hole is burning and attracts entire attention of what little left of your tiny little fish brain.
  3. Araqel, thanks for very usefull information, i have learned something... One of the very few posts that can actually help someone to start new activity.
  4. Hey Sir Christ, and you think your name is not "многозначное"?
  5. PARABELLUM, so do you really think that current republic has its own politics, its own independent representative in the UN and a postal service? ) I would only agree that there is postal service (and not very good one). Soviet postal service was much better by the way. So if you count current republic then you should count Soviet Armenia as well. Just my opinion, others may think differently.
  6. Lazar, thank you, really good posting.
  7. How about killings in Sumgait? Is that enough or should i go deeper into the history and geography? All the land that you grabbed from your good neibours? I doubt it is going to be enough for you. You are murderers who complain that people are too "aggressive" in the internet forum. Well, if you do not like being here - no one is forcing you to hang out. Go back to your azeri forums or wherever else you feel more comfortable. And there you can use "latinica" because you do not even have your own alphabet, you dark people. And please no more questions, asnwering to you makes me puke...
  8. так же хочу обратиться к администратору форума- дискриминатору. почему когда азербайджанцы нелестно отзывались о форумчанах, вы их блокировали , а когда армянин обзывает человека бараном и тд. вы молчите? у вас так принято? спасибо. ================================== ti chto eshe ne ponjal? potomu chto nelestno otzivatsa na etom forume nelzja. A vot otzivat vas baranami - eto ne "nelestno", naoborot - eto pravilno. Thats why admin does not block it. Next question?
  9. они будут поддерживать и вас и нас... Значит пока что вы в ауте. ------------------------------------ do you read your own posts before pressing "add reply"? You really need to ask someone to check your stupid writings before you post them because they are idiotic conflicting statements. But if everyone else in your village is stupid too then you are screwed.
  10. Madam, please behave. When country is most vulnerable it means that any slight fluctuation shall cast it into abyss of instability -------------------------------- you idiot, put your remaining brains together and think for a short second. Are you saying that Armenia did not see any "slight fluctuation"? How about an earthquake, war and blokade? Is that enough for a slight fluctuation? And how is this country that is about to be "cast into abyss" able to kick butt and to reclaim territory that belongs to it? And all while the oil prices go up. Now you see who are the madams, do not you? Ah, you are too stupid to see that.
  11. Ba du inkt komputeri ekrani hetev ches nstac aj tvar? Ko nman tvarnernen vor misht porcum en tarberutjun u kriv mtcnen hayeri mech u baradi animast temaner en bacum. Ko nman tvarnerin nujnisk charji patasxanel. Sa im verchin patasxan klini ko apush bacac "posterin". Indz anun dneluc arach ko anuni masin mtaci vor ko mech voch cex ka voch el kron, miajn pornkutjun.
  12. Yedinsvennaya polza ot tex kto za rubejom eto posilka deneg v Armeniyu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entadrenk nujnisk vor da ajdpes e, vor miajn gumar en uxarkum. Ba aj tvari mek ko karcikov Hayastan dranic chi ogtvum? Ndgrkelov ko nman tvarnerin.
  13. -------------------- sirun chi axper jan. Ba ko dur kga vor mek urish azg mez hayeris anun dni?
  14. i have started the first topic, to reply please go to this link: http://www.armeniaproject.com/ArmeniaProje...x.php?topic=8.0 Text of the post: The "Projects in Armenia" board is started to facilitate discussions about possible projects and their execution in Armenia. These projects do not necessarily require funding and are not funded by the ArmeniaProject but ArmeniaProject will certainly take part in discussion and try to facilitate in project development and execution phases. For projects that require funding and when seeking funding from ArmeniaProject please see this link http://projectdatabase.armeniaproject.com/how_it_works.php
  15. ------------------------- I still do not understand why we need help of admin to discuss what projects can be done? With all the respect to admin - how exactly admin is going to help? To open a new topic? Or is there something else i am not aware of? And why only members? Let anyone see it. It is not like we are going to discuss state secrets. By the way, feel free to discuss it here: http://forum.armeniaproject.com/ I have already opened "Projects in Armenia" for those who would like to post on this subject. And no any help is needed from the admin of that site )